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Opportunity to Train as a Pro Weightlifter


California Strength is now looking for 2-3 lifters who have the potential and desire to reach a high standard in Olympic Weightlifting to join our Elite team. Qualified lifters will receive a stipend to cover living expenses and will live and train as a full-time professional lifter in the East Bay area of Northern California.

Lifters accepted into the program will be coached by Glenn Pendlay, will be provided free of charge with the supplements, nutritional advice, physical therapy, massage, and other recovery methods needed to train at this level, and will train daily with National and International level athletes. You bring the talent and work ethic, we will provide everything else.

If you are interested, please contact me at glennpendlay@yahoo.com to arrange a recruiting trip. We will pay for a plane ticket and accomodations for qualified athletes.


Being from Canada and in the middle of a university degree I highly doubt I would even be able to consider something like this, but it has me curious nonetheless. What qualities/numbers would make a lifter "qualified" for this program?


Glenn I forwarded this to a few good weightlifters that I know personally. I am shipping out for Army Basic in 1/30/2011 and don't know that many talented weightlifters, but these cats I know have been in the game longer than I, and know more people.

Keep up the great work you are doing for the sport in this country. One day I will pay you guys a visit at Cal Strength.


The qualification is me thinking that you are able to eventually be at the international level, as defined by making the Pan-Am/World/Olympic teams. No numbers would determine this. A beginner with very low snatch and clean and jerk numbers but obvious huge athletic ability and potential and work ethic would trump bigger numbers in the competitive lifts but a lack in work ethic.

It is of course, totally subjective. We are willing to pay for 8-10 recruiting trips, and plan on picking 2-3 people to offer a spot here as a supported athlete.


Very impressive Glenn! I wish you good luck in this search!



Awesome idea Glenn, these are exactly the types of programs the US needs to start getting competitive!


Y'know, in retrospect, that should've been obvious, but I guess that's what happens when I post when I should be sleeping.

Hope you find some athletes truly worthy of the time/monetary commitment you're putting out.


what happened to shankle? he did 173 and 210 in your videos, and only did 155 and 189 at worlds...

was he sick, or injured? thats 39kg down in total from your videos.


Man this sounds like an absolutely awesome opportunity


He had a hip injury between the times those videos were taken and the worlds. He was still, IMO, ready to do a 355-360 total, which is what he qualified with. He should NOT have missed those two clean and jerks.



I know this is an old post but maybe you'll still read this. From other forums it seems as if you have a few people found already. How many more are you guys looking to take on? When would be a good time to try and get in?


By the way. You definitely have the right program going on down there. Good Luck


I think he's found his dudes.



I realize this is an older post, but thought I just saw it and thought I would respond.

Would you consider a family man for this? I am 25 years old and would love the opportunity. I am self taught on all the lifts but have hit 315lbs. @ 215lb. BW on clean and jerk in bare feet with a 50lb starter kit bar and no belt or platform. I have power snatched 215 in the past. I have not been able to train o-lifts as I have two jobs at present, but current numbers are as follows (all done with no belt, knee wraps or shoes):

FS (ATG)- 425 (barefooted)
BS(ATG)- 495 (barefooted)
BS (PL)- 535 (barefooted)
Strict press- 215 (PR is 225)
BW: 225lb.
BF: 10 - 12%

I am roughly as strong as I have ever been after a long return from a torn bicep tendon playing rugby. At that time (22 years old) I was a top level college rugby player earmarked for collegiate all American status. Best 40 time run was a 4.5 with tennis shoes on a rubber track. Not sure if that counts me as having excellent athletic ability but I have always been pretty explosive. I have also dieted down for a body building show to around 4% BF and worked out roughly 6 hours a day for 17 weeks to do it. Not the smartest way to do it, but it was the best I could do given my goals and self coaching. I'd like to think I have the work ethic and dedication you would be looking for in an athlete.

I am sure I missed the boat on this by a long stretch, but if opportunities still exist I would like to take a look.


That is not nearly close enough to the required strength for olympic weightlifting....especially the strict press.


Uhhh... wow, no words.


Really? So you would recommend anyone who is not significantly stronger than that to abandon all hopes and dreams of ever competing at a national or international level? Especially with the military press, which is not necessarily related to one's limit lifts in the snatch and clean and jerk? Especially if they are in their mid-twenties with the potential to fill out into the 105s and get significantly stronger?

Forgive me if I henceforth think less of some (or all) of the things you post.


thx Jonty. I didn't even want to bother.


I understand that my numbers are not world class yet by any stretch, but I would like to think for a lifetime natural lifter who has not been training to be a weightlifter specifically (always for another sport) my numbers show a solid foundation. I have achieved those numbers despite breaking my back in high school, tearing an ACL, snapping my bicep tendon and crushing my heels. According to my doctors I was never supposed to do anything athletic at a high level after each of those injuries. I was never supposed to squat for the rest of my life or even straighten my arm properly after my bicep.

I have also achieved quite a lot in other sports (I am a NGA Pro Bodybuilder and accomplished rugby player). I realize Glenn has his pick of much stronger and talented people than myself, but I can guarantee you that he will never find a more committed athlete than myself. I believe with the time and ability to train intensely, I could become very competitive much as John North did despite not having a weightlifting background. I have two jobs and a young family which limits my gym time at present, but I have made significant progress regardless. If I was devoted full time I am sure I could make a dent at the US records by the time I reach my 30's.


You might want to bring this up on Glenn's forum in case he just hasnt visited this thread due to lack of bites