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Oppinions of My Routine?

Hey guys. I’ve been lifting for maybe three months now and am starting to see some improvements. I’m getting slightly bigger over all but more importantly my posture has improved and I feel stronger.

Anyway my current stats are: 19 years old, 73 kilos looking to put on muscle over my entire body and basically get it used to training with weights.

Here’s my routine:



3 sets of about 5-7 reps with 40-50 kilos

Haven’t really gotten the hang of these yet so I’m still messing around with weight but I usually pace up and down my gym holding 20 kilos. Do about 24 lunges in total.

Depending on how I feel I use a barbell and do bent over rows or use this ghetto looking row machine which you semi lie in and pull the weight upwards with.

3sets 7-10 reps with 35-40 kilos


Again depending on how I feel I either use a barbell and do 3 sets of 3-5 reps with 50 kilos

or use dumbbells and do 3 sets 8-10 reps with 40 kilos


-Dead lifts
-Military Press
-Pull up

Dead lift

3 sets 6-8 reps with 50 kilos


3 sets 4-5 reps with 30 kilos

Pull ups (weighted)

4 sets of 3-4 reps with 10 kilos
or 4 sets of 2-3 reps with 20

(still experimenting with weighted PUs)

Dips (weighted)

3 sets of 8 with 10
or 3 sets 5 reps with 20


20 minutes “HIIT” cardio:

I either hit a boxing bag, skip or run for short bursts and take short rests in between.

20 minutes steady state

walking at 7km/h





I’ve also been messing around with abs. What ab exercise would you recommend to throw in a few times a week just so that I have my whole body covered? I guess I want to know what is the squat of ab exercises (heavy, hit lots of areas at once).

Other then that what do you think of my plan?

Doesnt look to bad maybe try front squats some days etc. if doing full body id tend to do three days a week as well.

and fear not adding an isolation move or two after the other compounds.

abs well the squat and DL are the squat of ab work. Other then that mix it updo a few sets each session last. cable abs, weighted situps, pikes, leg raises etc etc


Looks like you’ve done some reading - you got vertical and horizontal pushing and pulling, always working legs first… Good! And it’s been working - great!

Stick with it and try to add weight, especially to the deadlifts and squats. If you can do pullups with 20 kilos of added weight you’re already moving 93 kilos! You may already be strong enough to deadlift and squat more than that because you’re using larger muscles in those lifts. Maybe you just need more confidence?

And like Phill said, if doing squats and deadlifts twice a week you can do different variations - front squats and snatch-grip deadlifts, for example. Just slightly different stimulus.