Opnions on PGF2 for Fat Loss (destruction)

I have a problem fat area around my pecs that I really have been struggling to get rid of for the past year. The only time it goes away is when I am 5% or Less and that is a condition that I can’t genetically hold for any length of time. This problem fat area really makes my whole phisique look like shit and I’m sick of working my ass off to keep a low bf (around 8%) and have it ruined by fatty pecs!!!

I don’t know anything good about using PGF-2 for either fat loss or alleged topical muscle gain. So far as I know it is an entirely bad idea.

i got the same prob bro. i look great except, i am so self concious about that. everyone else seems to think i look great to but they don’t know that i hide it. i’ve never gotten ride of it totally, i just don’t want to sacrifice all the muscle i put on to slim down. i’ve been to about 8% and that’s it. full on abs ripped arms but my chest still has that fatty tissue on the lower half. i f’n hate it bro… i don’t know if it’s gyno or what i’ve never takin roids, i’m thinking surgery…just so damn expensive and what about if you come out looking worse? i just hope i’ll get bigger and bigger and fit into my loose suit. man i feel for you cause it holds me back from so much shit it’s ridiculous.