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Opinon on Armpit Rows aka Monkey Rows


What's your opinon on Monkey rows aka Armpit rows:


Monkey Rows are a shoulder exercise that primarily affect the side delts and a bit of the rear delts. You can use more resistance than lateral raises. It's a great exercise.

Hold a DB in each hand at your side in a neutral grip. Raise the DB's along your side as straight up as possible as your elbows bend outward and as forward as you can make them. Lean a bit forward from the waist. Raise the DB's toward the armpit as high as you can and then return to starting position.

Also to had it's seems really good for traps. Does it hit other bodyparts aswell?like biceps?
What would be a approriate rep range? does 10x3 work on this?


You have asked/said something like this in almost every post youve made.

Get it through your head. It doesnt fucking matter what rep range you use. Use a bunch of different rep ranges at different times.

And you wonder why I said that you wont make any progrss. You dont 'get it'. And you cant 'get it' by asking dense questions on the internet.

Go to the damn gym and figure out what works for you. I promise no one will yell at you in the gym if you are there for months experimenting how to make the most progress and ACTUALLY make progress in the process.


What the fuck is a monkey row and when did people start thinking side laterals are not the best way to train lateral delts?

I have big shoulders. I never did a monkey.


Great alternative to BB upright rows, if they bother your wrists.

Focus on your elbows coming up to the side and keep your traps out of the movement.

10+ reps is a good range.

They`re a favorite of Jay Cutler, you can see him do them in several of his shoulder training videos on youtube.

Good luck bro


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I have added them recently in my routine as you can have more wheight then laterals but i also do laterals of course.The hard thing is to keep the elbows to the side, when one looks at the deskription if the db's going to be at the sides of the body coming up then the elbows naturally point a little behind, like in the directon of the back instead of fully to the sides. But if i do them more infront of the body then strictly to the sides i can do this but will the effect still be the same?

Can someone post the ytube video of jay cutler doing them,can't find it.Thanks in advance


Gee, that would be because your lateral delts are not handling most of the weight.

If y0ou want big lateral delts, why the fuck would you avoid side laterals?

WHO with big lateral delts AVOIDS side laterals for no reason?


I am not avoiding side lateral, i wrote that i do these but also still do side laterals.But i add this to sometimes hit the delts with a little more wheight and work traps a little too. But the main build of my mid delt training is still side laterals


Dude, you are skinny and clueless yet asking tons of questions you aren't even ready for. How did someone at your stage come to the conclusion that they needed to add in upright rows because they needed more weight?

Find a program, stick to it, gain 30 or 40lbs and come back when you are ready to make some real progress. Between this and your other threads, all you are doing is wasting our time and your own.

Any luck yet getting those arms bigger but staying at the exact same body weight?

Let us know how that works out for you.


do you have any pictures of what you look like OP?

You come in with a lot of.... ummm... what a lot people would call "stupid questions"... So if you actually had a good build you could silence a lot of the criticism.

Post a pic and show that these exercises are working for you. its as easy as that


bro, this thread is about this exercise,i only asked those questions to get the thread going.Also because there are big guys here including yourself, this is why i ask for your opinon. There is a regular saying as one should ask one who is big since they have done stuff right to get that big.

English is not my native language i think i expressed myself wrong in the other thread but same size i meant same around the same bodyfat rate. But I want to gain size and infact i have done so going up 10lbs and putting on 2.5cm on my arms. Also before rehab and operation i wasn't skinny,sure i wasn't as big as you but for my age and time spent training i had good progress. And I am adding wheight slowly,like from the past weeks i have gone up 2 lbs.


What's wrong these days ... Multiples clueless and probably troll threads in the bodybuilding forum.

OP, why do you come with questions but don't want to listen to bigger stronger guys ? You ask a question but only stick with your flaw logic. Are you looking for some yes-mans or what ?


WTF? And you were fucking answered. I just told you what to do and you are now acting like no one said anything.

If you want to get big, you'll shut up and do what I told you. If not, you will keep typing out dumb questions.

Find a program and stick to it. Come back after you gain about 30lbs or more.

Quit typing more bullshit for us to read.


check post hisotry


Okay thanks bro. I will be back after those 30 lbs


I know he was the hammer curl thread guy... I was just giving him a way to prove his methods


Guys some of you are being fucking ridiculous.

If you have a problem with the question, then don't answer.

We were all beginners once; I'm glad I was taught by someone with the patience to answer them.

Good luck dude.


No, I would rather pay attention to all of the threads and posts this guy has made which give me a pretty good picture of what he is about.

No offense, but answering a question while ignoring WHO is asking makes little sense.

"Can someone help me lose 50lbs?!" sounds like a great question...until you see that the guy asking it weighs 160lbs and has bulimia.

Yes, let's just answer the question.


The question was innocent enough, and the exercise is a favorite of mine. That's more than enough grounds for me to answer his question respectfully.

Have a good day.


In the other thread he ignored everyone's advice, so everyone is fed up with his b.s.