Opinions - What Do You Think About My Back?

i love ur reply brother <3 im still suffering u have no idea how i like to EAT XD
For how long can i maingian bro ?

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There is no simple answer to that question.
You will need to learn to read the responses your body makes to diet and training. There are a number of feedback systems to alert you to your body responses.

I gave you one. If your pull-ups don’t get more difficult the chances are the weight you gain is fairly good weight.

You could track % body fat. Or you can use the mirror to assess body fat. You can track strength gains.


Maaannn, it’s tough to tell the future.

I did a 6-7 month cut and then was able to make some Lean Gains for about 8 weeks. In my early 40s.

One of my bros in his early 20s. He did a shorter cut and has been crushing the Lean Gains for like 11 weeks with no signs of slowing down.

You’re 30? Let’s say you’ll be able to go 11 weeks before you’ll need to make some caloric adjustment to set up some new gains.


dem cant wait to test this maingian out XD im 29
well arent that noobie gians?