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Opinions Wanted, Cycle to Get Lean

ok so being new to this ive been reading forums but cant really find the answer im looking for, for me. i know there is no miracle pill or shot that will give me what i want. what im looking for is bro science and opinions with options.

im a personal trainer and i have a long story im going to make short…currently 24 at 5’10.5, ive come from 255lbs bf unknown…got to 171 bf 27%…in a year went to 193 at 10.5 bf…am now 182-185 at 11-12% bf…ive experimented with winny inject but my diet wasnt in check and realize that was stupid but i am looking for a little help without the joint pain…

i dont want to be more than 190-200 and i would like to get my bf under 10, lowest at 8% and maintain. size is not what im looking for i want lean and cut. i have a diet coach and am sticking to it and it is working well but ive talked to a few friends and maybe a cycle of something will help me out or give me the look i want.

ive looked at peptides and test but like i said new to this, if you dont give a shit thats fine but im open to any advice you have, im sure you all know more than i do!

Do a search man, 95% of what people recommended for the first cycle is the exact same thing. Test + AI + HCG + PCT.

Diet will determine your results not AAS. But they will help you maintain mass while cutting

thanks ill do more reading

Also, I would never recommend winny as a stand alone… If you do like the benefits from it, then consider using Test alongside of it.

I standby the other posters though that first cycle would be best as Test/HCG/Adex and a solid PCT.
You will very rarely achieve gains like your first cycle ever again…choose it wisely.