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Opinions wanted (Chris Shugart, Joel Marion)

188lb 15%BF
159.8lb FFM 28.2lb FM

190lb 9%BF
179.9lb FFM 10.1lb FM

2667 calories per day
40% C 267g C/day
30% P 200g P/day
30% F 89g F/day

79g C
33g P
<5g F

<10g C
33g P
25g F

Trining will be EDT 4 days per week. BFL-style interval cardio done in the morining 4-5 days per week. What is anyone’s opinion about this set-up? Have I left anything out that you would like to or need to know? Thanks for your anticipated help.

It is tough to figure out what your goal is. It seems like you want to gain a lot of mass and lose a lot of fat at the same time. Not that this is impossible, but it is very hard. I would save EDT for when you want to focus on bulking and limit the cardio to 2-3 sessions at that time. Increase the cardio and start with a strength based program when you want to cut body fat.

What is your time frame to get this done? It may be best to compartmentalize your training into 2-6 week blocks with each focusing on bulking or cutting.

Check out Alessi’s “Ripped to Shreds” protocol outlined in his last Iron Dog.

Sorry about that. My goal is to lose fat. My time frame is actually inconsequential(sp?). So long as I can make noticable progress I’d be happy. Of course, the sooner the better. 12-18 weeks would be fine for me.

Like I mentioned before, I would save EDT for later in your training when your focus is gaining mass. EDT is too demanding for a cutting cycle. Start with a 4 day a week 5x5 type of split with a short but intense anaerobic circuit at the end along with all of your morning cardio. I’ll post days 1 and 2, but let me know if you want more info.

Mon - Hip Dom Legs, Calves, Rotational Abs

Deadlifts 5x5
Power Cleans 5x3
Full Contact Twist 5x5

Circuit 10 reps each x 2 times (1-2 min rest btwn circuits)

One Arm DB Snatch (L)
One arm DB snatch (R)
Bent Press (L)
Bent Press (R)
2 Arm Swings

Day 2 - Vertical Push/Pull, Biceps, Trunk Flexion

Push Press 5x5
Chins 5x5
Cable Crunches

Circuit - 10 reps each x 2 sets (1-2 min rest btwn circuits) Chins (concentric only)
Iron Cross
DB Clean and Press

Let me know if this sounds interesting and I'll post the other 2 days worth of the workout. But if it is not what you want to do.

I would like the other days, thanks a lot for your help. Is there an article that I can bring up with descriptions of some of the exercises?

Where is Ripped to Shreds? Iron Dog?

I’ll post the other days after work. For the descriptions, you should be able to find the one’s you have not heard of in some of Coach Davies’ articles. Just skim (or preferably read) them all. Do a search with his name and they should pop up.

-Jason Norcross

Here are the other 2 days of the workout. Please let us know if there are any exercises you are not familiar with.

Thurs - Quad Dominant Legs, Calves, Lateral Flexion

Squats 5x5
Calf Raises 5x5
Side Bends 5x5

Circuit - 10 reps each exercise, 2 times, use a light weight (really light)s

Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

Friday - Horizontal Push/Pull, Triceps, Lower Body Flexion

Bench Press 5x5
Rows 5x5
Hanging Leg Raises 5x5

Circuit - 2 times, 10 reps each

Reverse Crunch
One Arm DB Row (L)
One Arm DB Row (R)

These are just guidelines - Be sure to substiture appropriate exercises where necessary.

You wrote for the Pwoer Cleans 5x3. Just wanted to know if that was correct or if it was suppose to be 5x5. I have been using the 5x5 style with good success but I like the circuits at the end tyhat you recommend. I will incorporate them into my routijne. Thanks!

Yes, I did mean 5x3. Power cleans are very eplosive and neurally demanding exercise and take a lot of time to complete each rep. Therefore, I drop the reps down to compensate for this.

Jason, the cicuits that you recommended in this thread are great and are a great finisher. I had a question about the DB single arm snatches. I read the descrition in one of Coach Davies articles but I don’t think I’m performing the end of the movement properly. Should I be pressing the dumbell overhead at the end?? Thanks for your help!

No, you should not be pressing at all. Your leg drive, back extension and shoulder shrug should almost “throw” the weight into the air overhead and you should catch it with an extended arm and just a bit of leg dip. The weight should stay very close to your body as you do this motion. If you are pressing at the end, you are not getting the weight high enough and need to drop weight. Or you need to work on your leg drive and shrug pull.

Joe - I think I ran the numbers correctly based on what you wrote, and it seems that, at your ideal bf% of 9, your fat mass is more like 17 lbs., not the 10 that you list. You list ideal fat free mass at 179.9, but I think that would only be correct at at bf% near 5 or so - then you would have ~10 lbs. fat mass if your ideal bodyweight is 190. Not to nitpick but I wasn’t sure if that was something you overlooked or typed in incorrectly. Anyway, best of luck. Jason - what is your reasoning for the circuits at the end? Just curious…thanks.

Thanks for your help. I thought that whats it should be. Can you recommend any sites that I have good visual of the exercise being performed. The trainers at my gym are useless and I’m sure they never perform the exercise themselves. thanks again for your help!

I don’t know of any sites that have a video of the one arm db snatch, but you could email Coach Davies at coachdavies@renegadetraining.com and he might be able to send you some pictures.

My reasoning for the circuits are solely to add a little more fat burning stimulus. Meltdown uses all big compound movements and fairly heavy weights. These circuits use a mix of big compound movements and smaller movements to keep variety and allow for some recovery between big exercise. It is just an option, nothing that I would always suggest for a 5x5 type program.