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Opinions: Trap Bar Squat/Deadlift

This piece of kit is making a bit of a comeback and I have access to it at home.

So, is it as good as conventional deadlifting?

Is it a good replacement for squatting if no rack for bar is available??

Could Trap Bar DL and Another variety of deadlift be used in same routine?

I’ve heard a Trap Bar Deadlift equates to slightly more than a conentional deadlift??

Westside says its good at training technique and the initial pull in the conventional lift. Agree?

Theres a few of questions to get the debate going

What ya think???

use it.

I don’t feel like my grip or back get nearly the same workout w/ trap bar as with convential deads. As far as being easier, I rarely use it but the last time I did I hit 515 (my barbell dead max is 465). It couldn’t hurt to try it and see how it works for you.