Opinions Please! First Cycle

I am 31 years old been training solid for 18 months. 6’1 240 pounds 18%body fat

Wk 1-12 test 300 ( 100mg of e, 100mg of cyp and 100 mg of prop) shot on Monday and Thursday
Wk 1-12 eq 200mg Monday and Thursday

Wk 1-18 ghrp6 2iu morning and 2 iu evening

Would also like to know your recommendations for pct.

Appreciate your feedback!

You’ve been training for 18 months, have 18% BF and want to do a cycle? Come on. Try training for 5-10 years, get your BF below 10% then try again.

Point taken.

What are your thoughts in regards to the cycle?

Regarding the GHRP-6: you say 2iu but that does not uniquely determine a dose, how much are you using in mcg?

the bottle is 1000mcgs and comes in 15ml vial. I was recommended .4 ml per day.