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Opinions: PL + Bodybuilding Routine


I've finished university (or college to our american friends) so i've got more time. So i've decided to go from a 3 day to a 4 day week routine just because i've felt my quads and shoulders were a little neglected.

This is mainly for strength, but with the extra day i think i've added major parts of traditional bodybuilding stuff...SO... what you all think? i hope this isn't overtraining since i also do kickboxing 3 days week. But my diet is ok too

mon(bench day)
barbell floor press up to 1RM
incline dumbell press 3 sets 10-12reps
ez bar skullcrusher 3sets 10-12 reps
weighted dips 3sets 10-12reps
seated rows 3sets 10-12reps

tues: (squat day)
low box squats up to 1RM
glute ham raises 4sets many as possible
cable pullthroughs 3sets 10-12sets
cable crunches 3sets 10-12reps
cable side bends 3sets 10-12reps

wed (rest day)

thurs (shoulders + quads OR grip work)
barbell overhead press 3sets 10-12 reps
dumbell side raises 3sets 10-12reps
trap machine 3sets 10-12 reps

fri( deadlift day)
rack pull up to 1RM
good mornings 4sets 10-12reps
Ez bar or olympic bar bicep curls 3sets 10-12reps
cable crunches 3sets 10-8reps
farmers walk

The reps are linear so i go from the above then decrease reps and increase sets to max 5 sets on all exercises. i guess like undulated periodisation. The max effort exercises change every 2 weeks

Thanks for any feedback


If I were you, I would either switch thursday and friday or include grip work in your deadlift routine instead of on shoulder day so you have enough grip strength preform those rack pulls with plenty of intensity. Also, a little bit more back work (preferably on deadlift day) wouldn't hurt.

Edit: Ya know what, never mind the extra back work, your already doing rows on Monday. If You want to work your quads and shoulders more, why don't you just do that at the start of the week instead of bench?


Do you need skullcrushers if you're doing weighted dips? Dips are so much more efficient.


i've edited my routine made some slight alterations. so could you all tell me if this is a solid powerlifting program that will also build hypertrophy too or.... is it a pile of trash??


i'm guessing u don't want to compete in either PL or BB (if u do then u should probably focus on just one thing)I'd say westside methods would be best. if i were to combine PL and BB i'd set up my program something lk this:

ME Squat exercise
3-4 exercises for weaknesses(front squat, trap-bar DL, good morning)
DE Bench exercise
1-2 rowing exercises
2-3 arm exercises
DE Squat exercise
2-4 exercises for weaknesses
ME Bench exercise
1-2 rowing exercises
2-3 arm exercises


Honestly, unless you have the work capacity of a mule I think you have to many work sets. I'm assuming here that when you say 3 sets of something they are all work sets. Especially if you are doing kickboxing multiple times per week.


So on sets should i focus on doing more sets on main muscle used in the core lift? so for example with bench day should i maybe do more sets for triceps and less for the other stuff? how do i go about picking the right number of sets for the assistance stuff? because i don't want to be doing too little or too much.


In doubt, start low and increase the volume as you increase your work capacity. I'll post the Boring But Big template (from Wendler's 5/3/1) just to give you some ideas:

BP 5/3/1
BP 5x10
Row 5x10

Squat 5/3/1
Squat 5x10 (you can do front squat or leg press if you want to focus more on quads)
Leg Curl 5x10

OHP 5/3/1
OHP 5x10 (you can use DBs, and superset with lateral raise)
Chins 5x as many reps as possible

DL 5/3/1
DL 5x10 (or GM or RDL, to focus on hams)
Hanging Leg Raise 5x10

Add a biceps exercise on an upper body day, a triceps one on the other, and some calf raise on lower body. You can use the same weight for all sets, work UP to a max set of ten, or work DOWN from a max set of ten.
As you see, is probably better to focus on few exercises and hammer them! Of course, you can substitute the exercises listed above with other better suited to your needs.


If your goals are mainly strength based, but you also want to add size then I'd say go with something structurally similar to what you have but tweak the set/rep parameters.

First, one the main lift, it looks like your basically working up to a heavy single every session, possibly try waving this with either something like Wendler's 5/3/1 or just picking a planned rep range and go to it, but not always a single. Flipping main lifts every 2 weeks (I think you said) is kind of Westside inspired I assume, but even they don't do to a heavy single every day, maybe a heavy double or triple one week then a single the next then rotate...

Second, although your accesory work should support improving your main lift (the way most powerlifters train), use this as the means to developing size. And if you want size, look to the guys that focus on size, bodybuilders.

Take a read of a few threads over in the bodybuilding forum such as the Brotherhood of Iron (or BOI) and DC Training to see what those guys are doing. There is also a recent thread where they discuss how to structure sets/reps for optimal size. Here:


Thirdly, kickboxing. Because you need to be recovered for this and also this could slow your recovery do as someone else said and start with a lower volume (ie. main lift plus 2 accessory lifts) and add the extra stuff slowly as your work capacity builds. Now that's just an example, look at what you do now volume wise and then figure out a bridge from there to where you want to go.

Fourth, EAT. "my Diet is ok to" could mean you are anal about everything to "I never miss breakfast, I always have a big bowl of cereal". :slightly_smiling: Bottom line, if you're not getting enough protein and calories you won't grow.


Lately what I have been doing is something like this:

Sunday- max effort squat/deadlift
Monday- rep work on bench
Wednesday- rep work on squats
Friday- max effort bench

The rep work involves waving sets of 10 down to set of 5 over 5 or 6 weeks. The max effort work usually involves picking a lift and work up to max single. Accessory work is lighter and there is less of it on the max effort days. I do direct upper back work on two or three those days based on feel- most of it Monday, some on Friday, maybe some shrugs on Wednesday.

I have been doing this approach on bench for about six months and I have built some good mass and foundational/raw strength. Also, all th elight rep work seems to have helped with a lot of the shoulder pain and imbalances in my pressing. I used the first six weeks of an old Ed Coan routine off the internet as a guide for weight/reps. I hope to get soem good results from adding rep work for squats in terms of adding raw base strength and injury-proofing myself. But this is still in the testing phase.


Thanks. Much appreciated


Thanks for the advice. i'll take it all on board. But i guess the true taste is in the eating so i'll see where my current program takes me and make changes if need be.