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Opinions on Workout

Hi everybody. I’m starting a bulking phase (Massive Eating, 2g/lb protein, 25% fat, remainder carbs) and planned the workout for the first 3-4 weeks. How does it look to you guys? Volume? Rep ranges? Exercise choice and split? I’d appreciate any comments or suggestions. (sorry about the length!)

Monday - Chest and Biceps

A1) BB Bench Press (10,8,6 (201); 8-10,10-12 (wide grip, feet elevated, 311))

A2) Standing BB curls (same reps/tempo, vary grip width)

B1) Incline DB Bench Press (10,10,8-10,6-8 (211))

B2) Incline DB Hammer Curls (same reps/tempo)

C1) Flat DB Bench Press (3x10 (402 tempo))

C2) Zottman Curls (same reps/tempo)

Tuesday - Hip Dominant Lower Body and Rear Delts

A) Deadlifts (10,8,6-8,6-8,12 w/301 tempo)

B) Wide Grip Snatch Pulls (8,10,6 w/10x tempo)

C) Hang Cleans (3x8)

D) Bent-over lateral raises (3x10 w/311 tempo)

E) King Deadlifts (1 set, AMRAP, 311)

Wednesday - Calves and Abs

Thursday - Back and Triceps

A1) Medium Grip Chins (pronated, weighted, 8,7,6,5,AMRAP bdywt. (311))

A2) Dips (weighted, 10, 8, 6, 5, AMRAP (311))

B1) BO Rows (supinated, 10,10,8-10,6-8 (211))

B2) Decline Close Grip Bench (same reps, tempo)

C1) Neutral Grip Cable Rows (3x8-10, (311))

C2) Tricep Cable Pushdowns (same reps/tempo)

Friday - Quad Dominant and Ant/Lat Delts

A) Back Squats (10,8,6,6-8,6-8,15-20 (201))

B) Push Jerk (8,10,6 (20x))

C) Front Squats (1x10-15)

D) Single Leg Partial Sqats off Box (as per Ian King)

E) Unilateral Leg Extension (1-1/3s, 8-12 reps (211))

F) Lateral Raises (2x10)

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If you’re bulking you might wanna lose the push jerk (can sub push press), hang cleans, and snatch pulls, they train the CNS and burn up a lot of calories that you wanna keep.

Looks good. Are you increasing the weight on each set of BB bench, deadlifts, chins, dips, etc.?

Good point about the O-lifts (maybe I’ll replace them or reduce the number of sets). As for increasing the weight, as the number of reps goes down I’ll increase the weight (e.g. bench, increase weight for first three, drop for last two high-rep sets). Thanks for the replies!

Lose the elevated feet on the BB presses. They should be planted on the ground. The feet elevated does nothing to isolate the chest, and is doing nothing other than hurting performance by destroying your base.