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Opinions on Vitamins/Supps


I am heading to GNC tonight to get some more whey. While I am there I figure I had might as well pick up anything else that I need. Its a 30 minute drive.

What are your opinions on L-Glutamine?

Anything else you guys would reccommend? For my picture and a little about my situation go here.

I have a multi, creatine, whey, and fish oil.


At the moment I dont think that you really need anything other than what you have.

Get the rest of your diet and your training sorted out first. Particularly the diet though, and then worry about spending cash on other supps leter once everything else is dialed in.

I took Glut for a while because it was given to me as a freebie, I havent used it since and probably wouldnt spend the cash on it myself, but others on the site use it regularly.

Use the search function and you will be able to find opinions on any supp that you could possibly buy.


Ok, just for clarity, I have decided to start the T-Dawg 2 diet with C.W.'s Total Body Training.


I would recommend you never go to a GNC again...
Biotest baby, Biotest!


I would skip the whey from GNC and order something online. GNC is crazy expensive in my opinion. A whey/casein blend is the best way to go for a meal replacement protein.I really like Metabolic Drive from this site. Not because Biotest makes it but because its the best thing out there I think. I also really like Evopro.


I am planning on ordering some stuff from the site soon. But as for now, I am completely out of protein, Used the last today. So I need something to tide me over until something can come in the mail. I was thinking about getting some Grow! and Surge. as listed in the T-Dawg 2 diet.


is it still possible to get Grow!?


Both are very good choices. Though Grow! is now called Metabolic Drive. Also I still wouldn't worry about anything from GNC. If you order from the site tonight it will prolly be there Friday or Saturday. You should be getting most of your protein from solid foods anyways so this shouldn't matter too much.