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Opinions on Training Split


Im looking for critiques on my proposed idea for a split. I have not begun training this way yet, I want advice first. I have 3 years of training experience.
Im thinking bout like a double take type split, for example
Tuesday- chest and back
Wednesday-Arms and chest
Thursday- shoulders and arms
friday, legs and shoulders
Saturday, legs and maybe arms again or something.
sunday rest.

That was an example to describe what i meant by the double take split. I was thinking going with a moderate rep/heavy weight on the first day per body part, like 7-10 reps for 4-5 sets per ex, then on the second day of the body part, go for light weigh high rep, maybe 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps per ex. I was also thinking about using opposite exercises. Like for chest, day one do flat bench, incline dumbbell and cable fly, then on day 2 do flat bench dumbbell, incline bench, and dumbbell fly.


I’m curious to hear about this type of concept. It’s a first I hear of it, but logically, I think going heavy should be prioritized when freshest, and high rep on the double-take. just a thought.