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Opinions on Torem for PCT


About to finish my cycle of TestE 600mg/wk for 20wks. Have you guys ran torem in your pct and did you like it better than clomid. I plan on running torem w possibly clomid and nolva 3wks after last pin.


i'm planning on running for my next PCT.... it's not quite as strong as Nolva, but it is effective for longer (12 weeks vs 8 weeks), and it's also healthier (improves HDL, bone density)

i wouldn't stack it with another SERM, tho.


Thanks cyco, ill run it alone this pct. I've also read its good at preventing estro rebound so ill be Tapering off Letro now.


^well, it's not any better than any other SERM. i would taper off the letro when you start the tore.... that way your E is under control when you start the tore.


I'll be tapering down to .25mg til i start Torem. Going to run it aggresively at 120/90/60/30


aren't you trying to reinvent the wheel a bit here? I mean, we know from countless billions of PCTs done throughout the ages that nolva and clomid work, so why not just use those?


^well, i don't think Nolva+Clomid is a good PCT for most people. if it was, we wouldn't see lots of guys having issues afterward....

Tore seems to be less toxic than tamoxifen, and while not quite as strong, seems to be effective for about a month longer. and since time "off" seems to matter more for recovery in PCT than the amount of milligrams ingested, i think it's a good idea for most guys now.

obviously just my opinion, but i intend on running this instead of Nolva and see how it goes...


I can get Torem cheaper. I used liquid clomid my previous cycle, tasted like crap but worked great


im all for experimentation and all that but if clomid worked great last time it would be hard for me to use something else next time. Even if it is cheaper which is a pretty poor reason imo. But hopefully everything works good, let us know.


if a guys uses clomid and it works, then i say go with it. but i've had a couple buddies that were borderline suicidal on that, and i won't recommend it based off that.

and the vision side effects are also pretty disconcerting, IMO...


Yeah ive hard nothing but bad things about clomid. I would always recommend nolva over it.