Opinions on This Workout Program?

flat bench press 3x8
Incline bench press 3x8
Dips 3x8
Flye 3x10
Skullcrusher 3x8

Squat 3x8
Deadlift 3x8
leg press 3x8
Stiff leg deadlift 3x10

Clean n Press 3x8
Overhead press 3x8
rear delt flye 3x10
lateral raise 3x10
Dip 3x8

Reverse grip row 3x8
T-bar row 3x8
Pullups 20
Lat pulldown 3x10
bicep curl 3x10

Chinups 3x8
closegrip press 3x8
Bicep curl 3x10
Skullcrusher 3x10

1-2 days rest when needed

I’ll give it one thumbs up.

My opinion is that it’s out of context. What’s your height, weight, current fat level, and goal?

I’m not sure why every exercise is getting basically the exact same set/rep scheme. Certain exercises lend themselves to either heavier/lower reps (like the clean and press and deads) and some "“work” better in a more moderate/slightly higher rep range (like some arm stuff and laterals).

Also, if you’re going to have a specific arm day and also hit some biceps on back day/tris on chest day, take advantage of the higher frequency and use a wider variety of exercises, intensity, and volume. Not sure why dips are at the end of shoulder day. Is that just for another hit of tri work?

Overall, without knowing the details mentioned earlier, I’d suggest choosing a well-design pre-written program to get off on the right foot, and try building your own routine further down the road when you’ve got a better handle on things.

I’ll give him “not ready”.

yeah ala Chris just get on a proven program. Also whatever you do dont perform skullcrushers twice a week -long term murder for your elbows

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Beginners don’t need to devote an entire session to just chest or just shoulders. Even a lot of pros train another body part with them such as biceps, triceps or often chest /shoulders together like how John Meadows does.

Consider using Dumbbells on one of your bench press variations. It adds a different stimulus to a barbell.

I would advise changing your rep ranges depending on the exercise and actually having a range rather then just a set number. 8 reps is too many for deadlifts. Your form will be woeful. Change that to 3-5 reps. Leg press on the other hand could be 10-12 .
You have a 5 way split yet you don’t have any leg curls or calf raises.

When writing out a program always distinguish whether it is barbell, dumbbell, machine etc… . In this instance for your second overhead lift I would do a seated dumbbell press or a seated machine press for a different stimulus to the barbell but then again a beginner probably doesn’t need to do two overhead press variations. Oh and for clean and press lower the reps to say 3-5.

Don’t do biceps curls on back day if you are training arms the following day. I wouldn’t do chin ups on arm day either as you did pullups the day before for back. Do dumbbell seated incline curls instead 8-10 reps.

Overall I wouldn’t advise you on running this program. I hope you can now see some of the issues with it and the ones I listed are just the really obvious ones.