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Opinions On This Supplement?

Just wanted to get a opinion on Nitrix Advanced Vaso Muscular Volumizer 180 tablets. I just received 3 bottle and wanted to know if anyone has used this before. Thanks


Sounds like an NO2 supplement. Go to the Articles section and look for "Consumer Alert: The NO2/Arginine Scam" parts I and II.


Thanks for the help. I'm done buying these supplement. Just call me stick boy!


The Jury is still out. Many say it works and believe it. Many readers here do as well. Don't take your first read as gospel.


I believe even David Barr's articles don't claim it can't work. For some people it might help a little bit.

But I believe his claim is twofold: the amount of benefit is trivial, and trivial or not, it's just not cost-effective.

You'd be much better off with something like Carbolin 19 if your goal is building lean muscle mass.


I would not discount all supplements just because of the NO2 not being legit.