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Opinions on This Quote/Picture?


Is she standing up for herself, or is she demonizing a body type, possibly out of self consciousness she is not willing to show? She is also smoking in the picture, does that change your view on her opinions about health?

I just wanted to get some other peoples opinions.

My opinion:

Overweight girl, smoking, saying she hates exerciseâ?¦ Im all for loving your body and stuff, but why destroy something you love?

Kind of a low blow on Nicole Richie too, you donâ??t know her story, why you gotta be a hater, Adele?

Honestly, it sounds like sheâ??s quite self conscious, but instead of dealing with it, attacks and degrades others.


No, she's saying she's an artist not a model and she wants to create good art and looking good doesn't factor into that.

Edit: I think it's a fair response assuming she is getting a lot of flack for her size. It's really not anyone's business how she manages her body and she's not selling sexy anyhow. She has different goals and looking good for you guys is NOT one of them.


Body composition and singing ability have nothing to do with each other, so take the whole singing deal out of the equation. This is just a person that is deciding she wants to be fat instead of taking care of herself, and she doesn't have a reason for it.

More likely she is pretending to be fat on purpose so she can pretend to herself that she isn't being lazy and masochistic. From an outside perspective, she is.

edit wouldn't be so harsh if it were't for the 'my aim in life is never to be skinny' part. If she didn't give a shit, that's her choice and is fine.


Thats what I thought at first, but the fact that she chose to attack or portray Nicole Richie in a negative light shows me that she does care about her looks, by saying she wouldnt want to look like that.

If what you're saying is true, she would have just said, "Im a singer, not a model" and left it at that.


I agree, it's a very insecure/egotistical quote.

"I'm a fat genius artist, if you take care of your body you must be a skinny idiot like Nicole Richie." She doesn't say that exactly, but that's what she's implying.


why does it matter?


Just wanted to see some other people opinions, in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter.

Btw that GIF looks like my Friday night.


I don't see why she has to be nice. Maybe she isn't nice. I can't still say I don't want to look like Gwyneth Paltrow (ew) and lift heavy things without being insecure. It's possible (slightly) that I'm just a bitch, but still confident. I'm sure plenty of people have been saying they don't want her fat ass. I don't think she needs to apologize for it.


If you look carefully, you can see yourself in it




She has a butt chin.
That's would normally be a deal breaker, but since she's fat I'll let it slide.


Adele has an incredible voice. Her album is sweet. I've got it on my ipod.

Shes a chubby british ginger but that girl can sing! lol

if she wants to be fat and unhealthy wel... that doesnt really matter to me. If other fat people want to look at that quote and try to justify their unhealthy lifestyle then thats their problem.


yeah. i guess her priorities are music and food. to each their own.


That stuff is just marketing.
She pretends not to be a bitch for the media, while she is just the same as any other female singer in this regard.

Kind of like Apple who pretend to be different than other computer companies.

Selfrighteous and pretentious describes it well.
If you ask me she can either go fuck herself or suck my...


An artist's responsibility is to nurture the creative impulse from concept to finish. If self image is part of it, then so be it (Dali was aware of the importance of both in his quest for fame and fortune).

Barry White was a fatty, and no one seemed to care because he sang like a man!

Who cares how she looks if she's fulfilling her artistic whims.


I saw her on a chat show recently and her personality reminds me a lot of a girl I used to know.

I feel certain she is a very insecure and lazy person. Luckily for her she's very talented. But I reckon she's got serious demons with her weight that probably haunt her.


Amy Winehouse really let herself go.


She looks like a chubby Angelina Jolie...I'm at work so my youtube privileges are non-existant, but I'll post a short video from Henry Rollins that sums up my opinion on this broad when I get home.


I've only heard that one song she's got but I absolutely love it. I also kinda got a thing for chubby girls, I ain't gonna lie. And that thing is my penis.


I don't care what a singer/musician or celebrity looks like. I pay to see performance, not a beauty pagent. The beauty is in the voice and the music. Have some respect.