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Opinions On This For a First Cycle


opinions and feedback appreciated


182 lb
12% bf
5ft 11"
22 y.o

been training for several years. firstly as a distance runner (suits my bodytype) and for a good few years as a recreational bb.

cycle plan

turinabol - 40mg e/d
4 week cycle
3-4 week pct 20/20/20 nolva

goals - slow but solid gains of lean muscle with minimum sides.

i have opted for the low dosage of 40mg to see how i react (newbie). if i cope well, i may go slightly higher.

feedback appreciated



Needle Phobia?


Belonephobia:fear of needles
Aichmophobia:fear of pointed objects
Algophobia:fear of pain
Trypanophobia:fear of injections

Dont let these conditions prevent you from getting HYOOOOOOOGE!!! Close your eyes, think happy thoughts and THRUST!

SURGEON GENERALS WARNING: This is not proper medical procedure and could result in excess pain, loss of blood, unsightly scars, sreaming like a pansy or even DEATH.



Just get some test into ya!


It sounds redundant but injectables are really the way to go. Not appealing to a first time user but more effective and overall better results. A test only cycle is the way to go for your first cycle. You would see amazing results.
However many in your situation have already made their minds up and you are probably no different. If you do go the oral route there are many other stacks and drug choices that would be more beneficial than a short low dose OT cycle. Do a search on oral cycles and rethink this first cycle. Do not waste your first cycle.


lol at the surgeon generals warning......that cleared up my "Belonephobia"



thanks for your feedback. your probably right about what you say being redundant although i dont doubt the validity of what you say for a second.

regarding the better choices of oral aas or oral stacks, what would you recommend? bearing in mind my goals of steady, maintainable gains with the very minimum of sides?

i understand what your saying about wasting my first cycle. from what ive read, there seem to be 2 schools of thought on this. the first is as above....make good us of your first cycle because it will be your best

..the other is that if you start of with a very low dose on a short cycle (finding your feet and aas tolerance), you can only go up in dosage from there to more "normal" dosages and stronger substances. whats your opinion on that?

although maybe not quite as ideal, im more inclined to the latter, plus i dont ever plan to gain crazy amounts on any cycle in my life. steady gains which i can then work on maintaining is how i want to go about things

thanks for your feedback mate.