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Opinions on This First Cycle

I have been contemplating to try steroids for a long time but never really went ahead with it.
As of now I am keen to try a cycle and see what it brings.
Been reading the stickies and looking at the various compounds available. At 1st I wanted to run a D-Bol only cycle for 6 weeks but now I am thinking about the cycle below.

Testoviron Depot (Tuesday,Friday) Initial 250mg shot all at once then 250mg x 2 there after
Week 1 - 250mg
Week 2-9 500mg
Week 10 - 250mg

Arimidex (still sourcing wont start until I have it)
Week 1-11 .25mg EOD
Week 12 .125mg EOD
Or should I does it daily with .25mg??

Week 3-10 200ui 3 x a week ( Monday,Wednesday,Friday)

Nolvadex have on hand
Week 1-12 20mg if needed daily

Week 13 40mg Nolva daily
Week 14-16 20mg Nolva daily

Would I benefit at all having D-Bol in there for 3 weeks around week 4 or so? As you can see I have left it out totally after initially want to run just D-Bol haha.

HCG - is it worth it? It is relatively cheap 5000ui for around $15 which will last me the entire duration. Just the PITA pinning an extra 3 times per week. Thoughts??

I calculated what I will need:
4500mg Testoviron Depot $10 per 250mg. Or I can get regular Test Enanthate for Half the price. What do you guys think? Is the Testoviron Depot worth the extra cost?

HCG 5000UI about $15

Nolvadex will need 2400mg but will use less since I wont need it at the start of cycle.
Arimidex 12mg they sell in packs of 30mg so heaps.

Should I go with D-bol or leave it out?

Will most likely shoot it into my quad with a 25gauge with 1" needle. I am pretty lean around 12% BF and carry hardly any fat on my legs.

33 years old been training hard for 10 years, 184cm 93kg. My natural test levels suck so I have to take it to the next level.

Planning on to continue eating very clean and just bigger quantities. Supplement with protein powder. If I do this cycle everything will be 100% spot on. Goal is to keep 20lbs of LBM after I am done.

What size needles do people use for HCG? Insulin ones will do?

I have always backed out of going along with a cycle in fear of stuffing my endocrine system up and causing myself even more issues. But you only live once and I think the cycle I have in mind is fairly conservative.

Welcome all opinions and suggestions.

If it were me I’d drop the testoviron and switch to 500 mgs a week of test e. I’m confused about your dosing of the testoviron.

Since I’d use test e instead of the testoviron, I’d add the dbol in weeks 1-4 as a kick start at say 30 to 40 mgs a day.

Some people run nolva on cycle, I’ve never done that. It’s good to have on hand incase sides show up but you’ll be running adex with it so it seems a bit over kill. Save the nolva for pct of on the slight chance youre really sensative to sides. Usual pct with nolva is 40/40/20/20 2 weeks after last shot. My 2 cents

Yeah Nolva is just on hand in case I get signs.
Testoviron from what I understand is a mixture of Propionate and Enanthate, however it is labeled as enanthate.

I want to work my way into the testosterone so I figured just 1 injection of 250mg the 1st week and from there on 2 injections weekly at 250mg (total 500mg) Maybe I don’t even need to taper in and just go 500mg right from the start and just taper down instead at end of cycle.

yeah theres no need to taper in or out for that matter IMHO but i noticed you had posted some medical stuff with blood test and things so i want sure if that had something to do with it or not. The test will work its way into you, Even with the prop ester. I know guys that have used sustanon who claim they still dont see real results until the 3rd week so it will take some time to build up in your system.

Oh and as far as the adex i would start it at .5 mgs on the first day and then .25 or .5 EOD. Its a individual thing and you can adjust it accordingly. I works really well and almost to the point i hear that if dosed too high can hinder gains. But thats hear say I haven’t experienced that with .5 mgs EOD

Points taken will adjust the adex.

What is your thought on HCG. Do I need to run it that long or should I only run it for 3-4 weeks towards end of cycle at say week 6 for 3 weeks. 2x a week at 250ui or do I need to pin 3x at 200ui?

Well looks like I am going to change my mind after further reading.

The 2week cycles look like the way to go.
So I have devised this looking at what others have done. But I am just not sure with my Arimidex and Nolva dosages.

Read that Bill Roberts recommends Tren with Dbol. He also states that running Nolva while on cycle is also beneficial. But that post was back from 2007 so maybe Arimidex is a better option these days.

My main concern is gyno and I want to avoid it at all costs. So I would rather be safe than sorry. Is below an overkill with the Arimidex and Nolva?

Looks like my picture did not upload previously.

Me personally, i started my cycle without Adex on hand, it was about week 4ish it arrived to me i had no signs of any negative sides at all, i went with .5 ed of adex when i had first got it an i noticed getting real moody an kinda just off, i backed to .25 eod, an some days im overseas i miss the dose completely an i still have no noticeable sides but like i said when i was doing .50 ed i was able to tell a difference in myself an not a good one so i just say feel it out ive never dosed my nolva or clomid i have either just the adex , an in the begining i was very concerned with gyno myself even psyching myself out at times touching my nipples “am i feeling somthing” lol but i just let it go an concentrated on whats important an thats bettering myself but anyways but you seem very prepared for your science expirement on yourself good luck man!

wow you get hcg cheap, hope its the real thing

Weeks 1-4 Dbol 20mg-50/day-your choice depends how strong you dbol is how you react-
Week 4-8 HCG 250ius twice per week. imo
test 1-12
Weeks 14-17 20mg Nolvadex/day

never needed Arimidex but good to have some on cycle just in case want to handle some of bloat with only two compounds really doubt you’ll need it with such light cycle. But yeah if retain too much water nipples get sens run it at .5 a day.

[quote]iroczinoz wrote:
Looks like my picture did not upload previously.[/quote]

That looks good to me. I don’t have any experience with tern or running 2 week cycles( only academic knowledge)

From little that I know your cycle looks pretty solid. Keep us updated with your progress. Post pics and stats as this will help others who waana give a cycle like this a try…like me :slight_smile: