Opinions on this Carb Cycle Breakdown?

Hey all,

At 43, I’m trying to lean up. I’ve gotten really lean when using a coach and on a lot of contest prep gear, but It’s been a couple years since I chased competition and I don’t have a coach or a lot of money so, I’m trying to go it alone and natty just strictly for health and my 43 year old vanity lol. No thoughts of competing anymore, just health.

I’m looking at trying out carb cycling as a maintainable lifestyle or at least for several months to get me back to a sub 10% range, I’m guessing I’m 25+% now.

I’m 6’ 235, in the gym for the last couple months 5-6 times a weeks get in about 2 hours of cardio also just jogging at the park, incline walking on a treadmill or elliptical. |

I made this up in myfitnesspal as a potential macro goal

I appreciate any opinions or suggestions?

Monday, Thursday, Sunday 2030 Calories (Carbs 15%, Fat 45%, Protein 40%)
Tuesday, Friday 2030 Calories (Carbs 25%, Fat 35%, Protein 40%)
Wednesday, Saturday 2130 Calories (Carbs 50%, Fat 20%, Protein 30%)

@ 235#, calories are much too low for the beginning of a cut. (You’re proposing an average of <9 cals/lb/d!) If you start there, you will lose weight dramatically at first, then stall out. Further, you likely will be utterly miserable, and sorely tempted to fall off the wagon. I know you want all the fat gone yesterday, but draconian diets such as this are a recipe for failure. Instead, start out averaging 13 or even 14 cals/lb/d. That way, when (note: not ‘if’) weight loss plateaus, you have room to cut cals further.

Also, at this juncture don’t go overboard on the cardio. Think of cardio as a trump card–you don’t want to play it until you really need it (ie, weight loss has stalled, and you don’t feel like cutting cals further). Let the diet do the weight-loss work.


Thanks, so 13 cal/lb (never seen cal / lb before) interesting. Would you put that at current weight, or target weight? I have to admit, 3055 does seem pretty high to me.

But, let’s say I run with that, as a starting point maybe 2900 on low carb mid carb days and 3050 on high carb days… does this makeup for carbs look ok? I’m using myfitness pal so it’s setting it at %'s So I’m trying to roughly figure out what’s a good break down for no / low / high days?


Current weight. For an adult male under 40-50 who works out hard for an hour or so most days, his maintenance cals are probably about 15/lb/d. For you, that would be 235x15=3525. (Note that as you lose weight, your maintenance-cal needs drop proportionately.) As 15/lb/d is an average value, of course there will be individual differences–a lucky few will need 16, 17 or even 18 cals/lb/d, whereas some unfortunate souls will need only 14, 13 or even 12. Obviously, no one can say where you fall on the spectrum until you actually give it a try, but the odds are that averaging the proposed 13 cals/lb/d will equal a deficit of roughly 500 cals/d, which would translate into fat loss of ~1#/week.

Well, based on the info provided, all I can ascertain is that you’re proposing a difference in carb intake of ~38 g between High and Low/Med carb days. The point being, I don’t know how many carbs (in absolute numbers) you’re talking about, so it’s hard to comment.

I had to dig into myfitnesspal a bit to pull these out but here goes a revised version:

I think my TDEE is probably below 2800 So I moved my days to 2600,2700 and 2800 depending on No/Low/High days, I’ll cut out my cardio for now and just start with a progressive addition after a week or two. I’m not really in a rush.

Monday / Thursday / Sunday LOW CARB: 2700cal 135g carbs, 135g fat, 236g protein

Tuesday / Friday NO CARB: 2600cal 33g carbs, 159g fat, 260g protein

Wednesday / Saturday HIGH CARB: 2800cal 350g carbs, 62g fat, 210g protein.

Looks pretty good to me!