Opinions on These Liver Care Products?

I have himalaya LIV52, milk thistle and also have NAC
give me your opinions on these products and will they protect my liver like I need them to while on my cycle

No expert, but I have heard NAC and TUDCA are the supplements to use for liver support while on orals.

I look forward to seeing what others have to say.

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@mnben87 iv also read that Robby Robinson supplements with NAC to maintain prostate health,
Not sure how true but I do know NAC is used medically for liver damage from acetiminophen

Slightly unrelated, but NAC is supposed to help with respiratory function as well, which is definitely impacted by tren.

My next cycle I’ll be running:

NAC @ 600 mg/day (liver and respiratory)
TUDCA @ 500 mg/day (liver)
Vit D3 @ 5000 IU/day (I run this all of the time because D3 is hard to get through food)
P5P @ 200-300 mg/day (prolactin and just general mood support)
Magnesium glycinate @ 800 mg/day (this is supposed to help with sleep among other things, and is another hard to get micronutrient through food)
Omega 3 fish oil @ 2400-3600 mg/day (I don’t think I need to explain this one)

I don’t know anything about LIV52 or milk thistle

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NAC is good all around. Use it even when not on orals. Depending on what you’re using it may be enough. It also may not. It hinges on which oral you’re using, at what dose, and for how long.

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I’ve been using Aggressive Labz Liver Tox Plus, 2 caps equal 500 mg NAC, 350 mg TUDCA, 300 mg dandelion root extract, 250 mg milk thistle extract and 15 mg black pepper extract.

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