Opinions on These Fitness Books?

Just got some books from the library.

-The American Physical Therapy Association Book of Body Maintainence and repair.
(on stretches,excercises and some details on diff parts of the body)

-Complete guide to sports nutrition by Anita bean 5th edition
(no idea who she is, but she is kinda hot)

opinions anyone? have a lot of time now as i injured my tricep again and will be out of course for my sergaent course. sooo i’ll be in the office most of the time, might as well get some studying done.

I don’t really know anything about any of those books, but your best bet is to look up reviews on Amazon.

Wait, you mean the magical tricep stretch we do before running doesn’t prevent injury! Say it ain’t so!

ok thanks flame. whaddya mean hungry? i injured it before in the gym, and injured it again not doing pushups. its one of the tendons anyway, near the elbow, not the whole tricep.

and ive mentioned that this injury i got was due to using too much weight cause i was way over my head. yupppp. so no need for the sarcasm. ;D i already know i was a dumbass for doing it.