Opinions on These 3 Cutting Stacks

Was curious on people experiences or thoughts on these two for cutting. Does it makes sense, whats “better” in your experience, etc.

  1. Test Cyp, Tren A, Anavar
  2. Test Cyp, Tren A, Anadrol
  3. Test Cyp, Tren A, Anavar+Anadrol

Dosages are dependent on your experience so curious to see what worked well, what didnt, and overall thoughts on these specific 3 stacks if you’ve ran them.

Well, cutting is very simple, you just eat less than you need and you lose weight. There is no other way and nothing makes it easier.
There are some people who claim that GH burns fat directly, but there is a medical study that it doesnt do it so much that it would be a relevant treatment for fat people.
There are some people who claim that tren helps burning fat, then again tren is a favourite compound of a lot of strength athletes and they are mostly what you would call “fat”.
At the end of the day, even if some of the drugs “enhance” fatloss by different ways, its not like its noticeable. Its 5-10% here and there.

Steroids build muscle. When cutting they preserve muscle. And it doesnt matter which ones you chose. You can do tren, you can do deca. At the end of the day all steroids work very similar. Now what is different is the added cosmetic effect of some drugs which is noticeable only as long as you take the drug.


So the actual reason why people pick different drugs is to get a bit ahead of themselves. If one wants to bulk he will chose drugs that bloat him and gives him pump, because that is his mindset at the time and in a way he will sooner look like he wanted to look. So if you wanna gain 20lbs you can do dbol, deca, anadrol, let your e2 get higher and in 5 weeks you will look about halfway done with the bulk. Its not real muscle, its not real look. You just kinda get to see it in advance.

Same goes with “cutting” steroids. The only thing they do different is they kinda give u “the look” sooner. The pic a added shows it very good, how you ACTUALLY look, and how the drug makes you look. No real bodyfat is lost there at that time.
So tren, winny, anavar, for some people masteron(didnt do shit for me) are drugs that “fake” your results sooner, so its easier to stick to the diet or something, maybe.
The look is gone the second the drug clears out tho.

So for an actual result, there is no point of ever taking more than just test and more than you are willing to take forever because all the look is gone when you stop.
The reason we have “cutting drugs” is because of the bodybuilders who need the added cosmetic look to their competition look.
With high doses of tren and DHTs, overdosed AI for crashed e2 and diuretics, they achieve that freaky leanness… I am pretty sure that if they all would hop on average test dose, and lower deca, they would lose 30lbs of size in 8 weeks, and all look much much smoother very soon.

A lot of traing, diet, and understanding of steroids is completely fucked, just as our perception of what “musclar” is, etc because of bodybuilding culture.
Most stuff we “know” comes from pro bodybuilding stuff and somehow we forgot that it is where it came from and it means nothing outside it.
When you look at best fighters and NFL athletes, who are into a contact and strength sport, you would see that they also are big, jacked, athletic, but most of the bullshit like adding tren, for example, to get into a weightclass does not exist in fight sports, for example.
Same goes with diets, protein requirements and exercise science. Bodybuilding is a fucked up thing that only works for genetics that are made for it and even then, there is a question of if even that matters for those genetics, because if you look at some chicks in crossfit you can see that they are 1 step away from a bodybuilding comp, and not a single curl was done, and not a single shot of tren was done.

So there is a huge chance that the whole bodybuilding approach is a huge lie. There are just people who look like that no matter what they do, and they just kind of keep boosting those ideas, because they kind of believe em themselves.
Kinda like people who spend 30,000 for a burger or a glass of whiskey. They say they can tell the difference but can they really? We will never know. I think its a scam for themselves because i have never seen a person spend their LAST 30,000 on a glass of whiskey because its “worth it”. Its always millionares who wouldnt even notice the loss of 30,000. So maybe a person with bodybuilding genetics doesnt need a single isolation exercise also, because there are many people who copy bodybuilders and they do not look like it, and many people who look like bodybuilders but dont train that way.



I’m usually onboard with about anything you post, but not sure what’s up on this whole deal. I hope you do not take offense, but we’re going to agree to disagree on the following:

There are bodybuilders that have GROWN into a show and lost bodyfat at the same time, probably the most famous being Levrone, I have also done this, and not some natural/lightweight contest, but SHW.

Doesn’t mean that it isn’t a standard means to help/keep lower bodyfat for bodybuilders, just a basic foundational thing at higher levels.

Confusing statement to me, I’m old, and can get lead down a certain way of thinking, isn’t 5-10% a HUGE difference in bodybuilding?

EVERYONE is different, there can be serious side effects to different gear, not all steroids work the same, or give dramatically different looks.

It’s not REAL muscle? Are you saying it’s mostly water, or all, or…? You do the same here:

No real bodyfat is lost? It’s fake? Are you saying it’s 100% water weight lost?

30 lbs in 8 weeks? I have gained 30 lbs in 1 day after a contest, with TRT doses I still gain weight after being insanely low bodyfat. Smooth, very soon? I’ve NEVER been smooth even off season, while I’ve been bodybuilding. When I was competing @350 lbs in powerlifting, I was smooth, lol.

Just seem to be going on some deep dive here, and if you don’t think that NFL players, contact sport athletes, and crossfit folks are not failing drug tests…and those are the people caught.

Just not sure what’s going on here, doesn’t seem like your normal post, I mean this in the best of ways, I hope all is well. I have enjoyed your posts and hope to continue to do so for a long time.

Take care


Having tried just about every variation of gear one could imagine in 43 years of use, sometimes at EXTREME levels, I can say without a doubt…EVERYONE responds differently. Try all 3, keep a log of workouts, nutrition, and use, see what works and does not for YOU. You will use this knowledge time and again if you keep at it, you will build a base of knowledge in what works (again) for YOU.

I wish you well in your journey.


What is your objective for the “cut” you are inquiring?
My objective of “cut” was for the sole purpose of getting on stage. Is this what you are asking? Or just lose some fat while keeping as much muscle as possible (maybe add a little muscle too)?

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I do not think this would be possible if the person wasn’t that size previously. With Levrone, he basically stopped training, drugs, and diet as soon as a show was done. He would revert to a natural looking physique. He had muscle memory, amazing genetics, and an amazing response to gear on his side.

There are a few YouTubers that have recently made videos about their amazing transformations with very modest gear use. One of them in particular was using like 300 Test and 300 Primo for 16 weeks. Looked completely different in the after pictures. People shouldn’t expect those results though. I believe this guy has a pro card. He also was natty for like 6 months prior for fertility reasons. His transformation was still like 20 lbs smaller than when he was his biggest. He used grams of gear at one point to get huge. Now a modest amount can get him sorta close to that.

This is the only run I’ve run, so I don’t know if it’s “better” than the other options. My favorite was a blend we had called SuperCutz, that was Test P Mast P Tren A in even ratios that we did EOD. I probably wasn’t lean enough for the Mast but we liked it so the guy kept getting the blend.

The real answer depends on your current stats; if you’re a normy then just take test, maybe a little Var. If you’re a wannabe IFBB pro, take them all.

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Im no pro, so my idea of a cut would be lean enough where the individual feel comfortable enough to begin a bulk again (this is subjective on the individual since body dysmorphia and how someone holds their muscle). But as far as bf % goes for the normal gym goer i would say in the range of 10-14% depending on current muscle mass and how the individual hold their mass (also depends on their goals).

My goal is to gain more size and assess how i look if stepping on stage can be an option.

As i mentioned in other thread, i believe that taking bodybuilders into account is idiotic. There are composers who lost hearing and continued making better music being deaf. There are seals who draw better than u and me ever will. There are guitar players with no legs. There is an asian kid who is a world class surgeon at the age of 13. Its not a reason for you to beat your kid for being a failure because he is not a surgeon at 13, right? So what the fuck.
If someone can be called a bodybuilder, he is an exception to the rule. Nothing they do matters to me or you.

Again, same thing. Show me an average Joe who manages to get good results like that. Not a genetic elite who could burn fat while masturbating.

Again… bodybuilding, yes, in a competition, yes… But you being 200 chubby or 210 chubby means nothing to anyone. Most wont notice any difference.

Yes, the starting effect of bulking drugs is water and more glycogen stored in a cell. If double up test, i look much bigger within first weeks and much smaller if i drop it.
Same with bodyfat, cosmetic effect of tren, var and mast, will decrease very noticeable as soon as you stop the drug. Half the effect of the drug is “fake”. No one gains 10lbs of muscle in 2 weaks but you will be 10lbs bigger on a dbol. Same with tren - no one gets shredded in 2-3 weeks but start pinning ace and you will look like you got leaner.

no, i said they dont use tren or var to cut, etc… they use drugs but their stacks are differentm, function based, not cosmetic effect based - thats the reason why no one of lean fighters never get caught with tren in the system.


With that in mind, any of those stacks would work. IMO, the most important thing is to track your strength and try not to give up strength to lose fat. I would use three metrics:

  1. The scale to track weight
  2. Use the skin fold test to track percent body fat
  3. A strength metric of a upper body press movement