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Opinions on Testosterone Use for 16 Y/O

I am 16 years old and I’ve been lifting for 2 years.

I weigh 180lb, I am 6 foot and around 12% bodyfat

I love bodybuilding and I am thinking about taking testosterone E for a 10-12 cycle.

I train 6x a week - on a push/pull/legs routine twice a week. I count macros with myfitnesspal and am eating 3500 calories at 180 protein / 90 fat / 450+ carb and gaining weight at a steady 0.5lb a week.

I don’t smoke and I don’t drink.

what are your guys’ opinions on testosterone use for 10-12 weeks for a 16 year old? is it worth it? are there awful sides?

For the record I am considering to take 100mg of testosterone E every 3 days for 10-12 weeks and jumping on PCT with clomid and/or nolvadex

nobody here would really recommend using steroids to a teenager with good conscience, without knowing you personally. i know several guys that used steroids in high school that competed at high level college sports or in the pros, and that’s just how it is. however, if you’re not likely to be a pro athlete, then in my opinion, the risks simply aren’t worth it.

while a solid PCT typically means you’re gonna bounce back after your cycle, it doesn’t guarantee it, and some guys will be permanently shut down off one cycle. that’s just the unfortunate luck of the draw…

with all that being said, 200 mg/wk of testosterone is not a good cycle. that will likely only bring you to the “high-normal” range of testosterone levels… if you wanna see gains that are worth the risks, then i’d suggest a minimum of 300-400 mg/wk, and 500-600 mg is very typical.

attached below is a thread on how to plan your PCT:

300-400? really? I’ve read a couple things on here saying 200-300mg a week for teenagers to be safer

it’s not “safer.” introducing any outside hormone into your body with cause suppression no matter what, regardless if it’s 10 mg or 1000 mg. the only difference is the degree to what you’ll be suppressed.

yeah so surely being supressed to a lesser degree is safer? I realise that I will get less muscle mass but I am thinking of my health.

no, not really. if you wanna see more muscle growth then what you’re seeing now, then you need to take significantly more testosterone than what you’re already producing. you’re prolly producing around 100-200 mg/wk at your age. so with that being said, you need to take more than 200 mg to see significant gains…

if you’re thinking of your health, then don’t take steroids when you’re a fucking teenager.

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x2. Average virile males produce 100mg’s/week. Taking even 100mg’s/week will shut down your hpta axis eventually. Do you know what that is harry?


Like cycobushmaster said steroid use at such an early age is not recommended. All the people that I know that started young were involved in some kind of Olympic sport, like weightlifting and discus throw and went on to compete at a high level. If you’re just looking to gain muscle train hard, eat properly and thing about juicing when you’re 20+.

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so you’re saying by taking 200mg a week for 10 weeks my hpta axis will shut down?

Dude you clearly aren’t even remotely knowledgeable enough on this subject to even be considering it. Next you are 16 fucking years old. Keep eating, keep training, and keep growing. If nothing else you still live with your parents you get caught with any of this shit while still a minor it will be a massive burden on them with possible charges or at the very least dealing with your fines, court cost and lawyer. You don’t need it nor are yoy ready for it at 16. Do your self a favor and take the money from mowing the lawn you are going to blow on most likely over priced gear and buy some steak.


how the fuck would you know what I do and don’t know? I know the fucking risks

Your hpta axis will shut down even with a 100 mg of test.

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the questions you’re asking clearly show you don’t know.

You’re much too young. Seriously - don’t do it. You’ve all the time in the world for steroids


You have come here for advice.

You are getting good advice.

Don’t get all billy big balled with blokes who know their shit and have made progress you may never even see, just because it aint what you want to hear.

There is no way in hell you are training and eating as best as you can be right now, let alone been busting your ass and making great progress naturally for a few years…

Eat a shit tone of good food, enjoy your games consoles and partying, hit the big compounds… In a few years when you have progressed with life decisions and physique goals, then hit the juice.

Oh and no mention of HCG is also concerning.

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Lol thank you for proving my point amigo. Have a good day.

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Regardless if you know everything about test… You still have a lot of gains to make at the age of 16… Milk the natty gains before hopping on gear. By the time you’re ready you will have matured a great deal and you’ll appreciate the gains more. I remember I had the opportunity to take gear at 17 and I actually came onto a forum like this to ask about it. I was a little embarrassed and to be quite honest I was beat up pretty good in the comment section. Looking back at it… Im glad that I waited until I was 28. I tapped out my natural gains and made some solid gains for my first cycle. I made some serious natural gains from 15(started lifting) to about the age of 25. Spent 3 years around my peak. Did some research and toying around at the idea and then pulled the trigger. It was worth the wait bro.

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I appreciate everything you’ve said man, but an honest question - what is the point of tapping out natural potential, everyone says it but what is the benefit? Will you see increased muscle gains in the long term on juice?

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This is EXACTLY what I used to ask. Take it from the people giving you this advice… Consider them yourself from the future. You will make marked long term gains after you reach your natural potential. If you are in a rush to gain muscle… This simply isn’t a lifestyle for you… On or off cycle.

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Most people never even reach their natural potential though like its a very very tough place to truly get to how can you really tell when you’re ready?