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Opinions on: TestE, Deca, Winny, Tren


Just finishing cycle #4 (Test E 500/wk, Tren 75 EOD) and making plans for #5 in 3 months. Was considering the following, based on my Test/Deca cycle and my my other cycles.

Weeks 1-12: Test 500
Weeks 1-12 Deca 400
Weeks 1-4 Winny 40ED
Weeks 4-12 Tren 75 EOD



I would drop the deca week 10, due to the length of the ester.



Tren and deca?


I really liked the strength and size on my Test (375/wk) x 12 wks, Deca (300/wk) x 12 wks, D-bol (40/d) x 4 wks. And I loved the cutting up with my most recent Test & Tren cycle. I thought the Winny would kick start things, and help cut, as would the Tren. I saw it on a website, and based on my experience (Did a Test and Equipose cycle in between the Deca and Tren cycles) it sounded like it would work well. I can get what I need, and thought it would be a good science experiment. Growth and cuts.


I would drop either the deca or the tren


Coupling tren and deca in a cycle is considered by the people-in-the-know on here; to be one of the things YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO EVER... It has to do with their suppression, as well as the prolactin/progestinic related side-effects. Alas, you would be a great person to be a guinea pig for this site... I would recommend you do not try this.


Well, he's certainly fearless enough if he is going to post his face up on the board...


Well winny doesnt do much for direct fat burning I believe.

But will make you look harder/dryer.

Growth and cuts doesnt relly work like you think...

If you want to use tren and test and something else for gaining mass, why not test/eq/tren or just up the test with AI?

Test will give you more muscle mass milligram per milligram. No question

Test/tren/deca is like asking for the possibility of all sides be knocking at your door and test is stronger...theres no point.


I believe test/tren in the right doses will assist you to burn more fat than anything else similarly dosed and give you the chance to gain some muscle maybe on a cut.

you wont notice much fat loss on cycle without AI though when estrogen goes up.

Get rid of the bloat and you will


Thanks for the input guys. In response to concerns and questions:

Given deca's suppression of test, I'll stop it 2 weeks before the test.

I use tammy 20ed and hcg 500u 2x/wk. during the cycle.

If you look at the numbers, the deca + tren comes out to about 675 mg/wk total, which IS on the high side. Aside from acne, I haven't had many problems with deca or tren.

I always have some arimadex in the house, in case the tammy isn't enough. I should take a quick shot now. I think some of the bloat has gone. Finished tren a week ago.


lets us know how this goes, and if it goes awry do not say we didn't warn you


I've got 3 months to think and read more before starting. I did 3 weeks of Tren at 75mg ED, which works out to 525mg/wk, so cutting that back and adding in the deca isn't a whole lot more. I will probably take bromocriptine to cover the prolactin issue. If I do it, I'll certainly let you guys know what happens.


Maybe you could replace the deca with something more complimentary to the Tren. Like... more test! or maybe Mast Enanthate?


Or try something completely new that you have not tried yet...EQ?


Did EQ in between the test/deca and test/tren. I'd do test/deca again before test/EQ.


Masteron is a great addition to almost any cycle


I've never tried Masteron. I like what I read. I think that will be the choice. I'll let you know how it goes.



Mixing winny or EQ with Tren is unnecessary. Tren blows them away.


Whilst I am no expert on steroids, I'd just like throw in some food for thought....
I am friends with a recreational bodybuilder who has extensive experience in using steroids and is also very knowledgeable on them.

He trained his way up to the sort of condition where he could have competed if he wanted to, he also has modeled for a supplement company, so he knows how to eat and train and structure his cycles.

He told me tren and test gave him his best results, and that he has once used deca, tren and test before and had to stop (he gets his blood work done religiously) as his blood pressure and a few other things (not sure exactly what) reached very dangerous levels.
i would do a test and npp cycle, then use tren and test next time. Good luck...