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Opinions on Test Blast Dosages?

I am curious to learn some more experienced guys opinion on mg levels and yielded results. Will 600mg/week (cyp) yield twice the results as 300mg? This may sound silly to some but I’m trying to gauge a better blast dosage. I’m not concerned or trying to bring in the discussion of sides and whatnot. Simply yielded results of dosages.

Thanks in advance.

Results increase in a linear fashion up to a certain point, and from there the extra mgs do not equal the same amount of muscle built as previous mgs. Theoretically. IRL it’s complicated and there’s no way to know what that point is. But with a blast—as with a cycle—the goal is always maximize the upside within the bounds of whatever parameters you’re setting. If you can blast twice a year then why would you use 300 when 600 will do more? With either dose you’re going to have to take some time off afterwards, so why not get more out of that time spent while on? That’s how I would approach it.

Many people seem to think going up in dose gives pretty near linear increases (agree with you there) in strength/mass up to about the 750 mg/wk range. Now many will have a hard time managing E2 on that dose (other will be fine though).

At a certain point it makes sense to use different compounds (usually at the point where you can’t handle more E2).