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Opinions on Specialization Programs


So, I have about 6 weeks left in a 14 week cut. Chest and arms have always been a weaker point for me, and they definitely came up this last bulk. I have to say they should still be my main focus, so this upcoming bulk I really want to give a shot at a chest specialization program (3-4 days per weak on one muscle group) and eventually one for arms. I just want to hear what you guys think about doing that? Effective? Necessary?


All good programs are good. Chances are that if you think chest and arms are lagging, everything is lagging. Unless your legs look like Tom Platz.


I’m going to come at this a different way. Back in November, you had finished a 16-week bulk where you gained 10 pounds. As of yesterday, 15 weeks later, you’re already 6 weeks into “a 14-week cut”.

You’re bouncing around way too much, which is unfortunately common but keeps guys stuck in short-term thinking with slow piddling progress at a time when your body is primed for making serious leaps if you give it a chance.

Instead of a bodypart specialization, I suggest you take 6-8 months to put at least 50-75 pounds on your 10-12 rep maxes (not 1-rep maxes) for most lifts with each bodypart while making sure you don’t drop a pound of bodyweight. Gaining some bodyweight would be fine (to be fair, I don’t know your actual long-term goal, but I’m making an educated guess), but as long as your gym performance is consistently improving and you’re not losing weight, good changes should be happening to your physique.

So, that’s what I suggest instead of yet another short bulk-turnaround-short cut cycle with some extra incline pressing.


Appreciate the advice and that’s what I was planning after dabbling in the specialization program. But I didn’t stop after 16weeks of bulking, I continued up to a 6 or 7month bulk total. And then started the cut as I had put on about 20pounds in 26 weeks or so.


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