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Opinions on Slow Burn Fitness?


I imagine it's not popular with iron pumpers but Fred Hahn's Slow Burn Fitness seems right for a 50+ dude like myself with ruptured discs in my low back and neck, tennis elbow and torn rotators. Comments, anyone?



Any link to what it is, personally I've never heard of it.


It's nothing new. I first heard about it ten years ago. I've got the book which has no mention of a website. The theory is by taking a long time to do one rep you're stimulating fast twitch and slow twitch fibers. For pushups, you count ten seconds going from belly-on-the-ground to elbows locked. Then take 10 seconds to lower yourself. That's done til you can't lift your body weight for even one more rep. Then take a 90 second rest and do it again. And it goes for squats, deadlifts, curls whatever. I've been doing them with a Swiss ball. I don't get lactic acid soreness but my arms are definitely fatigued for the next few days.



Ahh, kind of a cross between super slow and statics.

Keep it up and report back :wink: