Opinions on Proviron

For those of you who have used Proviron, can you give me your opinion of it as an AI, as well as its ability to increase the effectiveness of a given dose of Test?

I’m going to be using it in an upcoming cycle with Test and Boldenone.



Don’t waste your time if you are using it with test. It is not effective enough to use as an Aromatase inhibitor. It is much like masteron in that it is an alternative to using test if you want to add the dht component to your cycle without the estrogen and water. It alone in high dosages would be good to use with equipoise.

It can also be used to strengthen your stronger agents at the beginning of the cycle and in the taper, as it binds more advidly to Sex-hormone binding globulin freeing up more of say the eq for example to work on the AR.

If you are using test however, it is probably better to just use a good frontload, and use propinate in the taper, along with an aromatase inhibitor such as femara or Armidex.

P22, wouldn’t it also, then, free up more Test to work at the AR, since it binds so strongly to SHBG and Albumin?


P.S. I’m planning on using 40mg. ED, along with 10mg. Nolva ED. Do you think this will be effective enough to combat excess estrogen using 400-500 mg. Test EW, and 400-500 mg. Boldenone EW? The other compounds I’ll be using are non-aromatizing. I had never tried Proviron before and wanted to try it in this cutting cycle.

If proviron is cheaper on a mg/mg bases for you, then by all means give it a try.You see you can just add more test to get the same effect as adding more proviron. Don’t expect it to be too effective however as an anti estrogen. Make sure to have plenty of nolva on hand. And as I said, it would be much more appreciated if you were using anabolic steroids such as tren, primo, anavar, equipoise, nandrolone, and winstrol, e.t.c. The only real reason to use it with test, is for its anti-E properties, which it was utilized for before clomid nolva, and the aromatase inhibitors were developed. Obviously the effectiveness as an anti E is not that great as nobody uses it anymore for that purpose.

Thanks, P22. Got it. I just wanted some idea of what to (and not to) expect from Proviron.

I will be using it in a cutter along with Test, Boldenone, Anavar, Stanozolol.



Not a great AI, but it will make you very horny. So it’s actually a good thing to mix with deca. Not for gains so much as combating the ol’ deca dick syndrome.