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Opinions on Proactol?

Hey every one, I just want some openions on this product called Proactol. I have been lifting weight and eating healthy for the last 2 1/2 weeks, and so far i have lost about 7lb. I was thinking maybe by adding proactol to my diet i can loose more weight. If anyone have any experience with weight loss products or proactol plz leave a comment. Thanks

this is their site

You’ve only been lifting for 2 1/2 weeks. You don’t need any fancy ass supplements yet. You’ll continue to progress even without the aid of any supplements. I would say just keep training and whe your fat loss comes to a hault, modify your diet and/or training.

If you feel like you really need a supplement, I would actually recommend HOT-ROX (find in the Biotest store). When I take it I like to have one in the morning. Wakes you right up, although it makes me sweat a good deal and my burps tend to have a burning raspberry flavor.

It looks pretty dumb to me.

If you want to reduce your fat intake by 28%, eat 28% less fat.

I personally want to absorb all the fat I eat since I typically eat healthy fats.

These products are for fat, lazy bastards who won’t make the effort to change their diets.

thx for the comments guys