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Opinions on Primo

Let’s say you were looking to run a long, slow blast with the primary goal being an increase in muscle mass and a secondary goal of leaning out. After this blast you’d go back to your standard trt regiment. What’s the downside of running Primo for those purposes?

If money was no issue and you knew that it was legitimate, what’s the one roadblock to taking say 100-150mg primo ace ed for 14 weeks? What am I missing?

No downsides to taking Primo except for the cost, and authenticity.

Taking it by itself, without testosterone, you risk diminishing your libido. 14 weeks is still a cycle even if its only 100-150mg/ week, you will probably shut down your balls.
Better off doing a test/primo proper cycle at 500-600mg per week total steroid use. If you want to do a TRT dose use test.

Well I’m on trt, so shutdown isn’t a concern. But your answer tracks with everything I’ve read, namely price and authenticity are the only downsides.

This isn’t helpful in any way but I feel like asking, is this oral or injectable primobolan? Apparently injectable primobolan acetate is very, very painful to inject, why not just use primobolan depot (enanthate)?

Oral. I’ve heard the same thing about injectable ace. The reason for oral is it’s just easier to get the total mgs you need without having to inject huge volumes of oil. Since most primo e comes in concentrations of 100mg you’d need to push at least 5ml every week. That’s just a lot more than I would care to do.

The truth is that I could easily reach my goals without it. I’ve got my recomp plan laid out (meaning diet and training changes; from bulking to recomp) and I’m going to do it anyway, so I was wondered if it would be worth it to add the primo in and maximize the gains. At my age things happen more slowly, and that’s ok. But if I’m going to be doing the hard work anyway why not make it a little more effective, you know? I would never think of doing it if I wasn’t already on trt. Trt is a gateway drug, man.

I’m on TRT, and currently week 10 of 200mgs of primo every 5 days. As you can guess, the results are mild at that dose, but they’re noticeable. Strength gains have been considerable: new PRs in squat and deadlift. Increased endurance and somewhere around 8 pounds of lean gains.

If you’ve got legit primo, you’ll love it.


I’d love to try real Primo. The only downsides I can see are 1. Training on just TRT after a good cycle of Primo may not be as fulfilling - unless you’ve got close to maxing out your potential.

  1. Connective tissue stress from super physiological levels of hormones.

I have only injected Primo enenthate, even that stings, but you get used to it.
If the medical world was smart they would be prescribing pharma grade primo, as its one of the safest, low side effect steroids.

Steroids are far too (unfairly) stigmatised for medical professionals to even consider prescribing. There is still a lot of false perceptions regarding steroids, however when we think of the mindset of a doctor (my mom is/was a doctor) we can see why medical professionals choose not to prescribe these compounds. Firstly, doctors have a do no harm policy, for a doctor to prescribe a medication (to them) the benefits must outweigh any potential risk and if the doctor has been led to believe that anabolic steroids will turn the user into a murderous rapist with an exploding liver (which isn’t true but mainstream media would have us believing that) why would they want to prescribe such a thing?

Secondly, for the doctors who are aware the risks of anabolic steroids are exxagerated, many will hesitate to prescribe such compounds out of fear that the medical community will revoke their license or fear of getting in trouble, it sucks. THIIIRRRRDDDLLLYYY, when prescribing anabolic steroids for a legitimate purpose such as to reverse severe muscular wasting, the doctor will want something that is strong enough to do the job quickly, as the objective is to have the job done in the shortest period of time, thus having the patients on the drugs for a short period of time (especially if patient isn’t on trt or something).

This means most steroids legitimately prescribed end up being orals such as oxandrolone, oxymetholone etc. short half lives, quick acting, high anabolic to androgenic ratios etc. primo has an anabolic rating of something like 80 compared to oxymetholones 300 and something (don’t fully remember the ratings), so not great for combatting muscular wasting. I seriously hope steroids become mainstream soon, I’m 17, on trt and I would kill to get a script for deca, I want to see if it would help my joints, shoulders, knees and so on.

I agree with you though, medical professions should prescribe these compounds for people more often, even for recreational use, it’s better for the user to get monitored by a doc then to buy potentially shady UGL grade products possibly contaminated by heavy metals etc. I also personally believe the risks from anabolic steroids are wildly overblown, say if one uses them responsibly, it takes two or three years off their lifespan. Who the FUCK cares if they die at 82 instead of 84. My grandmas are in their 80s and 90s and I can say if I was going to be in that condition at their age (probably worse considering the state of my joints at this age) I wouldn’t want to live to that age. This is likely an immature opinion and I may get flamed for it… but I don’t really care. @Beyond_Beyond

I’m on 100mg deca for my joints. It really does live up to its hype. I don’t know how quickly the results wear off, but for now I feel ten years younger.

And I don’t think you’ll get flamed for having an opinion. When I was 17 I had some of those, too.


Is the deca scripted from a doc or is it self-prescribed? If it is self prescribed, does it effect trt blood work? (wouldn’t it show up as an increase in free T).

It’s from my doctor. Haven’t done blood work while on it yet. But I know they have a specific test for someone on deca.

I run 100mg primo depot in conjunction to my “TRT dose” of 250mg test e. Contemplating to just blast 500mg test e at the moment, and I’d run 200mg primo depot alongside it as I am already.

I’ll also kick it up with 700mg oral primo/wk every once in a while, too.

Considering adding dbol to the next oral run. I’ve already added PHs to the mix such as epi, halo, and others.

I wonder how the oral Primo will compare to the Anavar, IronYuppie, pretty interested in how this turns out.

I was interested too. I think it’ll have to wait, unfortunately. I didn’t have enough evidence of product legitimacy so I went a different route.

Ah too bad. What are you using instead?

Are we allowed to ask what labs you use to check what’s in a product?

In the theoretical scenario you laid you, you’re not missing anything…if you have the money and an authentic source I’m in too! It may increase your test a tiny bit but not for sure.
I guess one note would be that ideally you would be under 10% body fat to get the best results but even without that it’s great.


I’m now in the experimental phase. Since I know I can do the diet and the training, it becomes a matter of what I can do to maximize my efforts. I’m narrowing it down to something like this:

Weeks 1-14
TRT as usual, no changes

10mg/d dbol
100mg/w deca (this is part of my TRT protocol)
Additional arimidex as needed (can’t say for sure what the dosage will be until I get a feel for the dbol and how I react to it)

20mg/d dbol

25mg/d tbol

Support supplements and such are in there too, but I don’t feel the need to make this post 1,000 words.

I’m toying with the idea of low dose dbol because I believe, based strictly on the chemistry and its decades of research, there is a place for it in a longer cycle. A lot of the broscience says that you get nothing but water from dbol, and I suppose that’s true if you run it high and for short periods of time. But an awful lot of guys have run it at 10 or 20 mgs for months at a time and have gotten good results. The liver issues are not something I take lightly. But when looking at my own personal health records and my lifestyle I feel more comfortable running it a little longer than the usual 4-6 weeks. I don’t drink. During what would have been my peak years of drinking (21-25, ish) I was 100% alcohol free. If I’ve had two drinks in the last year I’d be hard pressed to recall either of them. My diet is clean (though it can always be better, right?) and I take care of myself. So I’m willing to experiment with dbol a little bit.

Now, an alternative option (and probably the one I end up using instead, frankly) is NPP at 300mg/w after my RX deca protocol is up in six weeks. Hell, I might even go as low as 200mg/w. I feel great on just 100mg of deca, so I may not need much more than that to get that extra push of strength and joint relief. I’m not looking to have the kind of body that some of you gentlemen have achieved. I’m not arrogant enough to think that I could achieve in four months what some of you guys have gotten after years of busting your asses.

If I ran the NPP it would be for six weeks starting at the end of my deca protocol. I’d use tbol for the last four weeks while I dropped into calorie deficit and increased my cardio. Given tbol’s record as an excellent enhancer of endurance I would love to see what it can help me do.

But I’m not set on anything yet. I’m going to start the diet and training portion irrespective of anything else. If I decided to add any of the above compounds into the mix I’ll start a log (if anyone is interested).


Why not add GH to your TRT instead of the AAS?

My doc offers it, but it seems to be prohibitively expensive. I’ve seen a lot of people stating that it needs to be used for 4-6 months before the results become dramatic, and at $800/mo that’s more than I can justify spending.