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Opinions On PowerliftingToWin?

I’ve looked at their website a few times to read about certain programs and get an idea what they’re like but until recently I’ve never looked into their actual programs. They provide a free ebook which from initially skimming seems to talk a lot about the science of programming and looks interesting. Looking at the author he seems strong but he’s not exactly a world record powerlifter or anything for what it’s worth.

It is something I might consider trying in the future so I wondered, has anyone tried their programs in the past or read about them and have any opinions? Most people on here know what they’re talking about a lot more than me so I want to know what you think.

I read all the program reviews. The author - Izzy Narvaez sets himself up as an authority somehow entitled to critique Rip, Wendler, The Lilliebridges, Coan, Louie Simmons. He comes off as a know it all windbag.

I have 35 years of training experience including 17 competetive years with much coaching and handling of other lifters included. I may not agree with some of the principles of some of these programs, but i would never put myself out as a critic of their or think I was qualified to critique the likes of the guys I mentioned because all of them developed programs based upon their experiences and they are all unique and they ALL work depending on the individual.

Basically, my advice would be if you need a program to follow seek out those who have paid their dues.


You could do worse than follow Izzy, but like jbackos said, he presents himself as someone with much more knowledge and experience than he really does. He does online coaching, are you aware of any elite lifters that he has coached? You could probably learn more from jbackos, maybe he can set you up with a payment plan…

From what I have heard and seen, the free programs are OK. They will work better for some people than others, but in general they are decent in the short term.

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Thank you both, you basically confirmed what I was thinking about him.

I think he does a decent review of the plan outlines, but he has not run all of them with any sort of significant investment of time doing them to say anything positive or negative about them. He can only speculate.

I think if someone is looking to run a certain program, minus Izzy’s opinion, I think they’ll get a good sense of what the programs are all about.


That’s what I like the site for. Although, he did a pretty poor job of explaining Cube and Base Building now I’ve actually read the books. ESPECIALLY Base Building.

Agree 100%…

:+1: People overlook the hell out of this… A coach that im friends with just had one of his girls he coaches placed 2nd over all in the women’s Sub Juniors at the IPF Worlds last week setting a squat and dead world record using a approach with methods Mr Narvaez probably would disagree with.

Agree even more… looking more in depth about the young man, like allot of the guys you see on the internet. i honestly haven’t found where he has achieved anything significant in competition nor coaching anyone of significants. If im wrong on the coaching I would be interested in knowing.

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Thanks for your answers everyone, I haven’t got anything to add but I’ve found them all interesting to read.

I think he’s pretty fair in his reviews. I’d have to read them again, but I recall it being pretty clear it was just his opinion on the basics of the programs. I don’t recall them as being disparaging or him coming off as arrogant.

I’ve read his book but never done any of the programs. They seem well thought out. Not for me, but I bet they would work…until they didn’t. I think you’d clearly know when you weren’t getting stronger. I don’t see much risk in trying it out. If you’re stalling and restarting too often, move on. Or maybe just adjust and use the same progression for other rep ranges for awhile.

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