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Opinions on Possible Cycle


Thinking about doing either halodrol or epistane for a lean bulker
-10-12% bf
-4655 calories a day (40g protein, 70g carbs, 25g of fats 7x per day)
-Train 6 days per week 1 semi off day (Mon: bis an tris, tues: off day with abs, wed: squat, stiff leg deadlift & single leg press, thurs: chest, fri: shoulders, sat: back with deadlifts, sun: leg ext, walking lunges, leg curl & sissy squats)
-2 8 week ostarine cycles under my belt

1-4 20 or 30mg ED (not sure if 20mg would be effective but I go by the less is more principle so if it isn't too low I'll do the 20mg)
1-4 organ shield by purus labs
5-8 clomid 25mg ED
5-8 formastanzol
5-8 forged post cycle
5-8 Unleashed
5-8 d-aspartic acid
5-13 ostarine 15mg ED
5-13 kynoselen


1-6 50/50/50/75/75/75
1-6 organ shield by purus labs
7-10 clomid 25mg ED
7-10 formastanzol
7-10 forged post cycle
7-10 Unleashed
7-10 d-aspartic acid
7-15 ostarine 15mg ED
7-15 kynoselen

Which do y'all feel is better

Opinions, criticism, advice are appreciated


Over train much? Jeez not a whole lot of time to rest


Sorry I couldn't be a whole lot of help I don't know much about PHs


No worries

Lol I know it looks that way but I am ready to train body parts 2 days later even with this set up. Plus it has been working extremely well for me so I figure why make changes to something that is working.


i used to train 4x a week, now am training with only 3 nights off a fortnight instead of 6 I'm getting results much faster. I don't know much about pro-hormones either, but i read into it start of the year and people got excellent results with Hdrol+Epistane combo so i wish you well


Hdrol will yield better gains most likely. Some people respond better than others to epistane, but for the most part it doesn't put on much size.


yes my friend did epistane only and was very disapointed


Also, 50mg is a waste on hdrol. Just start at 75mg.

Or, just do some test lol.


Yeah I've been getting that opinion everywhere that halo is the better option and that 75mg for 6 weeks is the better option

Thank you all for your responses


5'5 202 @ 10-12% bodyfat without running any real gear..

that's really impressive bro you competing at the usa's? lol


4655 calories a day at 5'-5" and still maintaining a relatively low BF %? That avatar should be you after cutting.

BTW, welcome back walkway!


Thank you for the welcome back

Yeah my metabolism is pretty ridiculous now, I ran peptides (ghrp-6 and mod-grf) back late fall early winter and since then my metabolism has been f***king insane. Not to mention the 2 ostarine cycles I've done have definitely positively affected my metabolism as well. I would highly recommend giving either of those a go.


Thank you good sir, I am not doing the USA's this year. My plan is to try and get up to 225-230 so that I can diet down to 190-196 range and be at the top of the light heavyweight class then do the Mississippi Bodybuilding and Figure Championships next year which is the week before the USA's and then if I place top 3 there I'll do the USA's that next weekend


Yeah my metabolism is pretty ridiculous now. I ran peptides (ghrp-6 and mod-grf) late fall early winter and that supercharged my metabolism. The two ostarine cycles i've run have positively affected my metabolism as well. I would highly recommend giving either a go