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Opinions on Plan


Hey there people…

Just looking for some opinions on a plan I put together. Obviously borrows a lot from 531 (rep maxes, lifts, TM) and the GZCL method (heavy/medium/light).

Loading Protocol
Heavy: add 5lb to upper 10lb to lower every week. Once I stall, move down one or two jumps and go to the next rep scheme. When it’s time to start over, use the new rep max to determine a new training max and use that to start at 5x5 with 75%.

The Medium and Light are between 60% and 85% of the TM depending on feel.

Parenthesis are supersets.

When the Heavy go from 5x5, the medium and light move to 4x5 and 3x10 and so on.

That should be the bulk. Let me know what you think!


Sorry, I can’t figure out what you’re trying to do here.


As an example Monday

Bench 5x5 superset chins
Squat 5x5
Dumbbell bench 3x8 superset db rows
Front squat 3x8

Does that help?


what are your Training maxes you are using?


I started the 5x5 with estimations and just started moving up from there. I’m on the 4x3+ phase and I have these rep maxes…

Squat: 245x6
Bench: 175x10
Deadlift: 250x8
Press: 130x7