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Opinions On Plan


Hey there people…

Just looking for some opinions on a plan I put together. Obviously borrows a lot from 531 (rep maxes, lifts, TM) and the GZCL method (heavy/medium/light).

Loading Protocol
Heavy: add 5lb to upper 10lb to lower every week. Once I stall, move down one or two jumps and go to the next rep scheme. When it’s time to start over, use the new rep max to determine a new training max and use that to start at 5x5 with 75%.

The Medium and Light are between 60% and 85% of the TM depending on feel.

Parenthesis are supersets.

When the Heavy go from 5x5, the medium and light move to 4x5 and 3x10 and so on.

That should be the bulk. Let me know what you think!


What’s your age, body weight and experience/years of lifting?


Age: 29

Weight: 200’s (haven’t weighed myself in quite some time)

I’ve lifted casually since high school, but really started putting more attention to it in 2014 since I mainly stopped doing martial arts.

That’s when I started reading a lot about programing and trying different things.


I’m not sure why there are Olympic lifts in your program. They aren’t conducive to powerlifting IMO.

I think the volume and number of exercises need cut in half. The program is too busy.

Settle on a main lift. If you compete or want to compete, train the way you compete. After the main lift, you can do a variation of the main lift for a few sets for volume. Then one or two exercises for a few sets for assistance.

Example workout: Competition squat / good mornings / banded leg curl / planks

Stick with whatever assistance and variation work for 3 months and don’t change it. Then test the main lift and see if they helped. Get yourself a baseline number - an actual 1RM or a calculated one. If you calculate one, I’d suggest basing it one a 3 or 5RM.

Many lifters over complicate the process. It’s pretty simple. You just have to be willing to work hard.

These are only my suggestions. Some others may feel differently. You just need to do what you believe will work.


I really just enjoy doing them. It’s extra pulling work, and they’re explosive.

I don’t compete or anything. I just lift to be stronger and look better. So competition isn’t a worry.

The volume isn’t any higher than a 531 Pyramid with two assistance lifts.
There’s extra pulling and curls, but you can’t ever really have too much pulling.

Maybe it just looks worse because of how I have it laid out.

So Monday would look like…
Bench: 5x5 SS Chins
Squat: 5x5
DB Incline 3x8 SS DB Rows
Front Squat: 3x8

Stuff under that is just abs and one or two things for shoulder and elbow health.

Is it the pushing supersetted with pulling that makes it look like a lot? I know Wendler and others suggest matching pulling for pushing at least 1:1, and it has made my pushing feel better.


Also, don’t worry about suggestions or criticisms. That’s why I posted it here, and all comments are appreciated!


Really it’s more general strength than powerlifting, but I didn’t see a section for that.


Bigger, Stronger and Leaner might be a better section for this.


Good call.

Added it there.



Idk what everyone else thinks but those 120-150hr runs may and probably will kill you


Maybe hr is a heartrate range? Either that or he is kenyan


Hahahaha oh god yes that’s heart rate range! My apologies


Just do Texas method or madcow, similar but better…


I prefer to work in a low medium and high rep range at once. I think it’s important in general, and keeps things fresh. I also don’t want to alternate the press and bench. I prefer a 1:1. I don’t subscribe to the whole, too much deadlifting will kill you.

This also shifts gradually from higher volume to maximal strength completely by autoregulation. Why stop the volume of you’re still progressing?

Not to be disrespectful to amazing people’s programming, but could you offer opinions as to why either would be so much better? Honest request.


I also don’t feel the need for that recovery day with where I’m at. Is dather have a body building type day. Obviously it would be great option if it was needed though.


And I prefer to work with solid sets and reps than just work up to a new max. I prefer the structure. Know they opponent lol


You would be better off following an existing program. Too many exercises first of all, and doing flys as a main pressing movement of the day doesn’t make sense. Supersetting squat and chin ups doesn’t sound good either. There are numerous pre-written programs that would be much better for you, there are full body 5/3/1 templates, the Texas method, Bill Starr’s 5x5 programs, etc. Just pick one and do it, you don’t have enough experience to design your own program at this point.


You are doing too many different exercises and overcomplicating something that doesn’t need to be complicated at all.


Thank you for specifics!

I’m not getting how it’s too many exercises.

There’s generally a main lift, and two supplemental lifts.

Bench - db incline - fly’s.

The fly’s aren’t meant to be a main pressing movement. It’s that I’ve broken the days up into heavy/medium, heavy/medium, and light. So Friday is more of a body building day. Which is why I can superset chins. Although Wendler mentions superstring any pushing movement, including squats, with a chin.

I’ve read most of Wendler’s stuff. If I broke this into four days, it would be similar to his 531 advanced.

Week one is 5x5 at 75%. Week 2 is 5x3 at 85. Week 3 is 5x1 at 95%. I just kept the rep maxes because I’m not heavy enough that they bog me down, and added in auto regulation rather than switching by a predetermined time.

Monday would be…
Bench: 5x5
Incline db: 3x8
Fly’s: 3x12
With the pulling recommended (chins ans db rows) to even it out. Face pulls and pull apart which he re recommends too.

I’m thinking that it looks like more than it does be cause of how it’s written.


You have about 20 different exercises in there and 6-8 exercises each workout, you would be much better off focusing on big lifts and doing a little bit of rows and chin ups, maybe some curls. If you are only doing one pressing movement for the day there is no reason to make it flys, just bench instead.

I have read some of Wendler’s stuff and he says not to superset squats or deadlifts with anything. Maybe he changed his mind, but unless getting stronger is not part of your plan I would avoid that. How are you going to brace properly for a squat when you just did a set of chin ups, you don’t think your lats will be fatigued?

Something like this would make more sense:

Day 1 - squat, bench, chin ups & abs
Day 2 - deadlift, press, rows & abs
Alternate between those two workouts. If that feels like its not enough then add volume. Just because Wendler recommends certain exercises doesn’t mean you have to do all of them all the time.

What are your maxes anyway?