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Opinions on Next Move...


Well ive got a situation on my hands...as of this coming Friday, October 14, I will be out of a job (already started applying other places). I have worked with my company for a little over 16 months and recently our work has slowed down quite a bit. My boss offered me a position to stay but I turned him down because there is a guy who started about 3 months ago with a kid and needs the money and Im still young (21), live at home and Im lucky enough to have saved up a nice sum of money and I was wondering what Tnation thinks, mostly because reading forums regularly you guys dont bullshit with people and give honest opinions.

I was thinking of taking a two week (or so) trip to see some parts of the USA that I have always wanted to. I know in this economy my first priority should be a job but I feel like this may be a good time for me to give something like this a try, due to my situation.

Thoughts? And if there are any places I should see include them to (im from Florida).
Places/things i would be interested in: Big Sky country, Grand Canyon, California, kayaking, rock climbing, etc.

*Again I know how many people would kill for work and the smart thing to do would be save my money and find work immediatley. But ive worked 40+hours a week since graduating highschool, will have my AA at the end of this semester, and have payed for all my schooling up front..so is this something worth trying or do i need a reality check and find work quick?


First I commend you on your willingness to help someone else in a time of need. That is not only an admirable quallity, it is something that can't be measured and will undoubtedly give the other guy a true "gift".

You may hear from others that "you must get a job" "work", .........here is my thought and I've been where you are, if you are willing to work, and I mean work at anything if need be, then you can always get a "job".

What you can't ever get back, no matter how good a job you have or how much money you have is "time".
I've been to a lot of funeral, never seen a headstone in the cemetary that said " I regret not working more"

Take the trip, you never know what might come up or happen that might affect you getting even a better job. Even if that doesn't happen you will have memories that you will carry for the rest of your life.

Of your list, my only "have to" see thing on your list is The Grand Canyon or if possible even go up into Utah and see Bryce Canyon.....amazing place.

I hope things work for you.........please update us on your trip/job prospects and good luck.....

  1. You are a fucking idiot. A noble idiot but an idiot. If you earned the job offer it was yours. Plain and simple.

  2. Do what ever you want man. What kind of question is this? What do you like doing? Go do it.


Don't listen to HoustonGuy it was your choice to take the job or give it up for someone with a greater need. Either choice is acceptable. The world would be a better place if more people acted unselfishly like you have. I commend you.

I'd take the trip if you have the means to do it. If you don't take the time to enjoy life what's the point really? There's plenty of time to start a career.


I think it was a pretty dumb move for you to turn down a job which you earned. Good luck trying to find a job I am not sure you know but there are not many jobs out there. Yes, you did a noble thing but I need to make sure I eat first before I can help my fellow man.

Second, you can always travel. The Eiffel Twoer is not going anywhere. My first priority would be find a job ASAP! You are 21 years old and have your parents supporting you which is great. Mommy and daddy will not be there forever. Instead of wasting time eating shit around the US..start beefing up your resume, go to netwokring events, and figure out wtf your going to do to support yourself.

Once you have a job and saved some cash then you can travel and experience all the beauty the US has to offer.


Those are really the best idiots.

Noone gets songs written about him just because he took a shitty job.

For illustration purposes:



Nobility is a rare quality these days, which makes it all the more valuable.
What goes around comes around, as they say, though it may take a while.

In the meantime, why not go and see some new things if you can? Be open to new oportunities and meeting people. Use your travels as a springboard to do some professional networking. If you are open-minded about opportunities, there's no telling what you may be able to find.

Getting good at networking takes practice, but it's an extremely valuable skill for furthering your career.