Opinions on Newest Lab Work? Thanks!

First lab work in about 6 months. I feel great! Working out all the time and gaining muscle, taking lots of vitamins/minerals. Only issue is the occasional ED here and there; maybe once every 10 times…. And it’s not so much obtaining it, but maintaining it for an extended period. Morning wood is strong.

Doc also said there’s a few things on my blood work that are slightly out of range, but my test and estradiol is on point…. >1500, and 17 respectively.

I take 200mg/Test Cyp a week, split to twice a week. (Every 3.5 days.)
1000 IU HCG a week, same split
.5mg anastrozole a week, same split

That’s on point? Damn


You are hilarious. Your TT is too high. Your E2 for that much TT is too low likely leading to bone and joint issues. You didn’t even test for a lipid panel but with that high TT and low E2 I would bet your HDL is lower than average. IMO you need to discuss lowering your dose 25% with your doc at a minimum and dropping the AI all together. Labwork showing SHBG and Free T would also be pertinent before deciding final dose changes.


Who would that Doc be?

I guess as long as your happy. Be careful and listen to @blshaw .

Thanks for the input, guys. Didn’t mean to sound like I knew everything. HE said my test and estradiol were on point. I’d still consider myself new to this, been in TRT for less than a year. I feel really good, generally. No joint pain.

Perhaps I could cut the AI by another 50%, try a quarter tab once a week instead of twice?

Thanks for clueing me in that my test levels are likely too high and/E2 too low. Guess I have some tweaking to do. So perhaps also drop to 150 mg/wk?

I bumped up to 200 mg/wk because my last protocol was 150 mg/wk with no HCG and no AI. My test got to 550, and my E2 was like 51, I think. I didn’t feel nearly as good as I do now. Maybe I’ll cut the AI in half and see how I respond?

Just off your numbers I’d say lower your dose and AI, but if you feel good and health markers are in check (lipids, HCT, BP, heart, etc) then don’t change anyting just cos we say so :slight_smile: