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Opinions on my Training Split

I’ve been working out for about 2 1/2 years. I started out using a purely body building style training split for the first year and a half, maybe longer. I never squated, benched or dead lifted. Seeing the error of my ways I started learning the big lifts. Now I feel my form is on par and have made a training split. My goal is to finally build a strength base while still incorporating hypertrophy movements. My current 1RM’s are 250lb squat, 335lb dead lift, 250lb bench, and around 140lb military press. I’m 5’7 163lbs, eating around 2800 clean calories.

Monday legs.High bar Squat, RDL, Front squat

Tues. cardio

Wed. Shoulders and tri’s. OHP, Cable lateral raise, reverse fly, Close grip bench, dips, and a seated cable skull crusher that I made up. Elbows wont allow regular skull crusher

Thurs back. DL, Wide grip pull down, barbell row

Friday. rest

Sat chest. Incline bench, flat bench, cable flys

Sunday bro day. Hammer curl superset with wrist curl, preacher curl, and incline curl

All compound movements 3x5 at 80% and reverse pyramids for accessory movements

For abs I do dragon flags 1-2 days a week

I’m a full time student and dont have a lot of time to train so I’ve found this works best with my schedule. I really appreciate any input.

It’s better than some I’ve seen. How are you planning on adding load?

Your squat and DL day look OK, but I’d suggest shifting front squats to DL day instead of pulldowns. DL, front squat and barbell rows are a good selection IMO. You could even do front squats on both days. If you’ve got access to a GHR I’d tend towards doing that instead of RDL but that’s personal preference.

Wednesday I don’t like the look of too much. If you’re dead set on that selection, I’d go OHP, close grip bench and then the rest. Personally, I’d just do OHP, close grip bench and some rows.

Lastly, I would highly recommend replacing some of the cable work with heavy dumbbell rows and also chest supported rows. You can’t really go wrong with a big, strong back and I find it is hard to do too much rowing.

I plan on adding 10lbs a week then 5. I have micro loading plates so I can add as little as a pound if I need to. Its early in the strength game for me so I expect consistent gains. Once I get stuck I’ll test 1RM and do a peaking program. I have thought about doin front squats with back since it uses a lot of those muscles, so I’ll try that. I plan on doing a BB comp 20-25lbs of lean mass from now so symmetry was a big contributor to how I built this split. Why don’t you think the pulldown adds mass, isn’t that a primary upper lat builder?

That sounds ike a reasonably sensible progression.

I don’t have anything against pull downs, and if they work for you go for it. Personally, I’ve found heavy DB rows and chest supported rows to work well but I imagine adding pull downs to them would work well.

I think your Sunday could be better.

Thanks. Its good to know my research has paid off and I’m not just pissing in the wind.

Ok… Care to enlighten me?

Try 5/3/1 triumvirate, -will build strength fast as well pack on a lot of overall mass.

Can add a bit of direct arm work to press day if feel the need for more ‘bro-work’

Which is what I’m doing next training cycle. Keeps everything simple.

I just read that and like the progression, however, I was really looking for critiques on the split I made. I made it with my goals and weak points in mind. I want to build around 15-20lbs of symmetrical mass and compete in BB. If you guys think that my plan sucks and should be scrapped given my goals then please be brutally honest. Do you think a strength program like 5/3/1 would work for my BB goal?

5/3/1 isn’t actually a strength program; it’s simply a training program. It builds all the qualities associated with lifting weights; size, strength, power, etc etc, because it’s simply a codified system to do so. Every successful program in the world is structured the same way; lift something, progress on it, do some assistance work to bring up weak areas.

I really like you explanation. Given what you said, it sounds like I should stop stressing over whats right or wrong and just train in a way that allows progression.

If you squatted 600lbs but we all told you that your training was wrong… Would it bother you?

Haha I love that type of question. It puts things in perfect perspective. I’ve enjoyed the responses. They have answered all my questions without ever answering my original question. I really appreciate it. Now its time for me to shut up and lift!

Cue epiphanic choir sounds.