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Opinions on my training routine

Hey, I was just wondering what everyone thought about my routine. For a hypertropy routine i was thinking training Mon-Back bis, Tues-Legs, wed off, thursday-chest/tris, and friday start over again. Then resting the weekend and continuing the cycle again on monday with legs. Then i thought about doing a king split by doing Mon-back, tris(using dips and close-grip bench to hit my pec major), tues-legs, thursday chest (only upper chest movesments like incline benchs…etc.) and biceps. Then friday another leg day. My goals for this routine is to improve my chest and back (for chest really my upper). Hope for a response thanks.

hey man its a good start, but why not try splitting your legs up, ie hams one day, quads one day. here’s what im on this cycle: mon-calves, hams, bi’s. tues-chest, tri’s, wed-off, thurs-quads, calves, fri-back, shoulders. ive found the most mass out of this type of cycle, especially in my legs.

Yeah i do split my leg training in two workouts

So where is everyone? Anyone out there???

Hey man, that is a good start, and combine that program with proper form on your exercises, and a good diet, and you will definately benefit. Also, make sure to switch up your routine every few weeks, so your muscles dont get used to the same old thing. Here is my routine for the last three weeks day 1:Arms. day 2:chest.day 3:legs.Day 4:back. day 5: shoulders, take two days off.Repeat.