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Opinions on my Test Dosage

So long story short I had been considering running test for a very long time, decided to get my blood work done because I suspected my levels were low. Came back at 300 and that pretty much made my decision.

Started running 150mg a week felt incredible but was still experiencing mood swings and things like that so upped it to 200. Now I feel great, mood is much more stable and energy is much improved. I’ve been on in total 2 months, 200 mg for about a month. I have noticed strength gains in the gym but to be 100% honest not as drastically as I thought.

My question is should I perhaps up my dosage? I don’t want to run into any side effects and I am not running into any right now except for very minimal acne which I think is already going away.

I have actually heard from many people you can make some serious gains on my dosage just give it more time and 2 months really isn’t long at all. So what do you guys think?

I am 32 years old 230 lbs, was 225 before I started test. I am also trying to stay lean and not get tons of water retention which is another reason I don’t wanna go too high with my dosage and also probably why my strength hasn’t gone up as drastically as I would have hoped. I am also a runner but have switched to interval training as I have heard steady state isn’t the best for strength either.

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