Opinions on My Routine?

Please i wanna know what’s your opinion about this routine ?

And if there something that should i do please tell me

A.Chest/back 5x15(30 sec)
Dumbbell bench press*
Dumbbell incline bench press
Dumbbell fly*
Dumbbell fly incline bench
Bent over Row
Pull up
Bent over row one arm*
Dumbell shrugs

B.Shoulders/legs 4x15(30 sec)
Front raises
Lateral raises
Bent over lateral raises
Leg extension*
Leg curl
Standing calf raises

C.Arms (30 sec) rest
Wide grip barbell 3x15
Close grip barbell 3x15
Hammer curl 2x15
Concentration or spider curl *2x15
Tricep extension 4x15
Skull crushers 3x15
Kick backs *3x15

Abs twice a week :d
Weighted crunches 3 x15(30 sec rest)
Leg raises 4x25 (30 sec rest)

Wrist curl fst-7 of 15 reps (30 sec rest) once a week :d

This routine will be like this the ON days

Mon tue thursday friday

But every week the split for the days is different like:
Mon:A. Tue :B. thur:C friday :A
Mon:B. Tue:C. Thur:A friday:B
Mon:C. Tue:A. Thur:B friday:C

Thank you i’m waiting for your replies

you need to scrap this whole routine and get on a program designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. By the looks of it, your goals seem to be bodybuilding, search “do this routine instead of that dumb one”

[quote]moke912 wrote:
Please i wanna know what’s your opinion about this routine ?[/quote]
Yeah, there’s really too much wrong with it to explain it all.

To name just a few: You’re doing more work for your biceps than your entire freaking legs. Which of those are bigger and deserve/require more attention? (The legs!) Mot people aren’t advanced enough to need to do two different kinds of flyes on chest day. You’re doing everything for 15 reps, which isn’t building strength efficiently. You never explained why some exercises have the * next to them.

What’s your current height and weight?

I generally like to start younger guys with a basic bodyweight routine for a little bit, to get everything strengthened in the most basic way and make sure you’re starting with a solid general foundation.

Mon., Wed., and Fri.
Squat 2x12-15
Push-up 2x12-15
Alternating lunge 2x10-15 per leg
Neutral-grip pull-up (assisted) 2x12-15
Plank 2x15-count
Burpee 2x12-15

Once that whole routine is easy (whether it takes one week or four), you can progress to a free weight-based plan like Starting Strength, Dan John’s Mass Made Simple, Joe DeFranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastards, or some kind of upper/lower split.