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Opinions on my Routine?

I am looking for input with my routine that I am starting. I have been training for four years and am training for athletic performance. It is a 4 day a week push pull program.

4 sets per exercise with 6-8 reps per

Day 1 Push

Front Squat Tempo
DB Bench Tempo
1 Arm DB Press
Knees to Elbows
Farmers Walk

Finisher-Sprints 1 min on 1 Min off 5 times

Day 2 Pull

Dead lifts
single leg Romanian Dead lifts
Back Extension
Bent Row
Face Pull
DB Shrugs
Reverse Curls

Finisher- Tabata’s on Bike(20 sec on 10 sec rest for 12 min)

Day 3 Rest Day

Day 4 Push

DB Snatch
Front Squat Tempo
Bulgarian Split Squat
DB Bench
Push up Tempo
Shoulder Raise with shrug
Knees to elbows + hanging twist
Plate pinch raise

Finisher-tabata circuit

Day 5 Pull

Dead lifts
Single Leg Romanian Dead lift
Swiss Ball Glute Hamstring Raise
Horizontal pullup
Towel Pullups
Face Pull
Farmers walks

Finisher - Sprints

Day 6- Day 7 Rest

I am wanting to build strength in my legs hips and back. And to wish to increase my overall athletic performance.

if day one with day 2 is next to each, I wouldnt advise deadlifts the day after squats… I think you wont be able to recover and you will be prone to injury. My honest opinion? If you like it, do it for some time. Evaluate your gains. If you liked them, continue. If you dont, change something. Nobody can really tell from what you can recover and how soon. But definetely, I wouldnt do it.

Thanks for the input, never really thought about the recovery time for squats to dead lifts. I will try separating them by a couple days.

Would doing dead lifts once a week be sufficient for gains?

maybe, i like to squat and dead on the same day twice a week