Opinions on My Routine?

primary lifts - 3 sets, 2-3 min rest

week 1
1st set - 7 reps 60% of max
2nd set - 6 reps 65% of max
3rd set - 5 reps 70% of max

week 2
1st set - 5 reps 70% of max
2nd set - 4 reps 75% of max
3rd set - 3 reps 80% of max

week 3
1st set - 3 reps 80% of max
2nd set - 2 reps 85% of max
3rd set - 1 rep 90% of max

add 10 lbs to your max and start over at week 1

flat bench

deep squat

incline bench


assistance lifts - 3 sets of 7-9 reps, 90-120 sec rest

week 1
9 reps

week 2
8 reps

week 3
7 reps

dbell flat bench
skull crushers

leg extensions
ab roll outs

dbell seated shoulder press
skull crushers

seated close grip cable rows
barbell curls

ive had good success with this so long as i stick to it and eat enough, anything im missing? critiques? suggestions?

holy shit, what?


That routine looks pretty good. With a few minor adjustments like percentages and adding a deload week you could probably make an ebook out of it and sell it. Since your last sets your doing 5, 3 and 1 rep you could probably base the title on that or something.

Yeah, this does look like a variation on 5/3/1 for the most part, just with everything a bit lighter. I’d stick with 5/3/1 to get some more intensity. Your top sets are:

5 reps at 70%
3 reps at 80%
1 rep at 90%

Whereas 5/3/1 is:

5+ reps at 85%
3+ reps at 90%
1+ reps at 95%

So you’re doing more weight and possibly more reps, which is, uh, better. Additionally, 5/3/1 adds only five pounds to the press and bench each cycle, which is probably more reasonable for most people.



Isn’t 531 based off training maxes though? So, 90% of 90% is 81%, that’s not too far from 80%… I could continue, but it’s not worth it.

Your routine looks OK, and it is a lot like 531 except that you are effectively using a lower weight on week one and a higher weight on week 3. I think that’s a good idea personally.

I did my own set-up inspired by some of the guys I train with where we’d just work up to a 5 rm one week, then next week a 3 rm, and then a 1 rm, then deload. It is very effective. In that set-up I usually aimed to get 5 reps with 85%, 3 reps with 90%, and then see what I could do for a single, deload and repeat with a new max.

My only other comment is that you seem short on hamsting assistance work (RDLs, GHRs, GMs…).