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Opinions On My Program

just to give you some stats on my self I am 6’2 238lb. now I have been lifting since I was 16 now i am 19. I cracked a two lower vertibres so I couldnt lift for a while. but I have been using this programm for the last couple months and have seen great results.
day one
incline bench3x10
decline bench3x10
seated rows.4x10
bent rows 4x10
hammer curls4x10
straight barbell curls4x10
tricep pull downs. 4x10
dumb bell shrugs.4x10
then I work my exterior rotators using
the workouts I read on here

day two
leg presses4x10
leg curls4x10
seated calve raises4x10
standing calve raises. 4x10
reverse crunches 3x30 regular crunches 300
day three
same as one
day four
same as two
day five.
same as one
day six
same as two.
day seven
take off
repeat for three weeks then take a week off
then repeat for another 4 weeks then I was going to go into some strength training any opinions on this or suggestions on what I can do to improve will help.also any suggestions on supplements currently I am not taking any.

HOLY “Governator” thats a TON of volume.

Quality over QUANTITY. I mean high volume can be good but DAMN

Good Luck.

WTF I have news for you the program that you have outlined is crazy you will burn out in no time flat even if you could keep it going you would be using barbie weights which. Clicks on the articles banner half way down the t-nation home page. Usually what I do is I read the entire article I then copy over to word perfect and cut it down to size so that I have the meat and potatoes of it that way I can print it out and develop my program from there. Here is what I would do with your program as you currently have it

Day 1
seated rows.4x10
hammer curls4x10
tricep extension. 4x10

day 2
day two
leg curls4x10
seated calve raises4x10
standing calve raises. 4x10

day 3 off
day 4 same as day 1 but only do sets of 5 reps maybe do incline on this day

day 5 same as day 2 only 5 rep sets
abs Check out T-nation archives those high reps sets don’t prove much.
I could keep going but I think you get the point anyways best of luck.

six days a week one rest day what?
You want to progress not overtrain yourself so that it will take you a year to recover. Training and seeing gains of either strength and/or hypertrophy take time they don’t happen over night.

If this was working for you, great. If it still is, great. Do you always do every exercise in the exact same order? Variety, my friend, variety is key to keeping at 'er. I find I get bored, mentally and physically, doing the same thing day in and day out.

Do you attribute much of your success to the fact that you took roughly every fourth week off?

Regardless, as you have been doing this program for a couple of months, I would recommend maybe switching up your program. There are many wonderful programs that last even but a few weeks on this site; you should try one or two of 'em out every couple cycles. The “Exercises you’ve never tried” also contains some interesting movements to spice things up.

As for the supplements, I would worry about diet first. What do you typically eat in a day? If, after the food, you can afford some Surge and Grow!, it would probably not hurt you at all.

I also noticed that any sort of sport or activity was conspiculously absent… Some may look down at inculding an organized sport in every (yes, I mean every) program, but I find they do wonders for keeping one sane. Do you perform any of this “cardio” stuff people make a big to-do about?


[quote]Phill wrote:
HOLY “Governator” thats a TON of volume.

Quality over QUANTITY. I mean high volume can be good but DAMN

Good Luck.

What I think Phill is implying is that the volume you are doing could only compared to what some geneticly gifted and chemicly (read: steroids) enhanced body builders do!

Seriously I count 42 sets and 420 reps just for your chest in one week!

Have you been makeing strength/size gains on this program?

What is your goal?

My overly simplified sugestions are cut back the volume a lot, add more tricep and back work, cut out a couple of the chest exercises, maybe work out fewer days a week or break up your current workouts so they are spread over more days.

here are a couple of good articles to get you started:




read as much of these as you can, you don’t have to pick one of the workouts directly from here but can get alot of good principles of program layout.

yeah but that is not the exact program but basically what I have been doing for the last two months.

On what FlawlessCowboy wrote:

I switch the work out every once in a while I change the order so I dont get bored sometimes I will supplement a work out for another. no cardio for now. sports I skateboard.but usually just lift. the week I take off I will walk my dogs about a mile or two or swim. but I plan on switching my program and doing some isometric training. but will be doing this program for the next couple weeks.

On Day 1 you must spend the whole day in the gym! I’d recommend having a look at Chad Waterbury’s programs and go through the order he recommends, this will give you a variety of bulking and strength building programs and he also aims to keep time in the gym to a minimum so that your recovery time is ample. Have a look in “The Waterbury Method” article, which is the most recent. In amongst the posts someone asks what the correct order of his programs should be, this should get you started.


WHOLLY CRAP thats a lot of volume… that would take 2 hours plus for me… but thats just me. I agree and look up some of the programs on this site might be a good shock to your system to drop the volume in half and raise the weights

Holy Jesus…that’s like a Berardi creation of a T-Man article. Only try that if you’re REALLY ADVANCED (hence to say I’m not)

Well, I will definitely give you props for willingess. That is a lot of work. As you are still young, if you are eating enough and have good genetics that is why you are progressing on this program. Myself, when I was your age, trained with way to much volume and to many upper body exercises vs. lower body exercises. I made good progress. I would have made great progress if I would have had T-Mag back then! My recommendation to you would be to try out some of the great programs written here. If you are growing on what you are doing, then the sky is the limit with some of the work done here. Personally, I would look at
Pendulum Bodybuidling OR
Waterbury Method cycled with Total Body Training

These years are phenomenal growth years. take advantage of them by implementing good training habits you will use for a lifetime.

It’s a good idea to change programs from time to time to avoid adaptation.
If you like to try something new from this site I would suggest you to try Chad Waterbury’s Total Body Training (3Xweek total body routines) then Christian Thibadeau’s OVT (4Xweek split routines).
In my opinion with 3 or 4 days off you will grow more and avoid overtraining.

thanks for the opinions but to clear things up thats jut the base of what I do.what I am trying to accomplish is to lose all my fat tone up without gaining or losing a pound.but since I started this I have already gained 8 more pounds I usually get this workout done in an hour and a half.and I eat a shit load. but ever since I started reading the articles here I have been mixing up my routine a bit to avoid overtraining. I try to stick to that program.for the last week I have been taking it easy and doing the same workouts with 2x40 or 3x20 with lighter wieght and I tried the waterbury method for about a week. but i only have to more weeks tell I will be done with this program. I have been lifting hard for four years.and I have really good genetics. my back and my legs are the biggest muscle in my body mostly becouse of the skateboarding I use to do and I focus on them more but I cant work my back like I would want to becouse of my cracked vertibrees my back muscles get sore really easy. so I just started on working my back as much as possible but I have to avoid overtraining or I wont be able to get out of bed in the morning. after two weeks I plan on switching to a isometric program me and my friend used for a couple of months and seen great results. I will post pics when I get a camera so you can judge for your self.