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Opinions on My Physique


I just turned 18, I weigh 160 lbs. and am 5"7". I am probably 7-8% bodyfat, just a guess though. I have previously done powerlifting, and my 1 rep RAW(no suits, equipment,supports, etc.) maxes are: bench- 320 lbs. squat- 485 lbs. deadlift- 430 lbs. and powerclean- 250 lbs. Altogether, power-lifting and bodybuilding included, i have been training about a year, and have NATURALLY gone from weighing 120 lbs. my junior year of highschool, to wwhere i am at now in that 1 year period of time. I would like to bulk up more this winter/spring, and begin competing in bodybuilding competitions in the summer of 2008.

thoughts and opinions on my physique.
criticisms and suggestions are welcome!

scroll down for more pics














exaggerating tisk -don't bother defending yourself on anything I don't care-

work on chest, arms, shoulders, lats and abs

You have decent genetics for legs though they are your strongest point.

post your routine to help you get those lagging muscles up.

Also your not really ready for bodybuilding stage, you lack a lot of size and definition-though doesn't hurt to see local competition-.

For diet up the amount of food your eating-clean food of course.


agreed..competition is a long way off for you. but as they say..nothing worth achieving is is obtained overnight. just put in your dues at the gym and with your diet and let nature take it's course. also take periodic photos of yourself to document your progress.


I agree 100% about the exaggerated 1RM's you posted (assuming that's what shizen is reffering to)

As far as bodyparts, you've got pretty good front delts and upper traps (the traps are killer if you compare them to your arms- which are just totally behind) It seems odd to tell someone they need to train their arms to catch up to the traps, but please- stop shrugging and start curling and dipping. lol (with no forward lean on the dips)

Another thing I noticed from the pics is that you are right on the borderline of losing the abs... it would be nice to stop that trend from increasing, and grow slowly and patiently.
I'm a girl, and trust me (most of us) like that waistline better than all that smooth bulk you want to put on fast. Take it as it comes without sacrificing your abs. JMO


Have to agree with the above. Keep the body fat down and if the lifts are real then thats bloody competition level for your age


agree with pretty much what everyone else said, also when your posing it seems like your contorting your body and awful lot to make it seem like you have more than you really do, it looks very unnatural. lets see what you really got.


I'm sure there are 18 year olds around who bench press double bodyweight...but come on now.
If you could seriously bench, squat, and dead that weight, I'm sure we'd all love to see videos. You could probably teach everyone here a thing or two.


Your lifts are amazing. As far as looks, to me you are a little on the small side, who looks like they have lifted for a year. I never would have guessed the numbers you are putting up. I think criticism needs to be in the context of, what are you trying to achieve? Bodybuilder physique? Powerbuilder? Looking good naked?


As far as what I am trying to achieve, I am trying to transition from power lifting to bodybuilding. I am trying to add on as much weight as possible before this summer and possibly compete in a competition if i feel that I'm ready.


Sorry man but your not single digit bf, and those numbers have to be inflated. Common man, 2x bw bench?


Yea you're clearly not single digit bf. Those aren't abs showing through there, it's fat clumping up. Every picture of your front is of a terrible pose. Look up some better poses and get back to us.


I'm tired of douchebags bullshitting about their max this and max that.If you can bench 320 then I can bench 600. It's funny when I was in highschool, the largest football player (who weighed like 250 pounds) could barely bench 300. Yet every knucklehead I talk to can bench over 300, yet I rarely see it in the gym except by large muscular men.

I don't bullshit...my max bench is about 250 pounds, granted my chest is my weak point, my buddy who is an Australian muscle machine, 190 pounds with less than 8% body fat has a max bench just over 320. So don't bullshit and tell me that at 16, and 165 pounds, you're benching 320.

I'm sorry to ran but every goofball under the sun feels he has to lie about his max, and it's annoying. I even have friends lieeing to me about their max... I don't get it.

Don't bullshit, it's totally gay.


i know its weak... because of all the exaggeraters no one believe me when i tell them about my 900lb skullcrusher


well as i'm so fond of stating - i don't care how much i can bench..i only care how much i LOOK like i can bench :wink: