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Opinions on My Physique? (Bodybuilding Contest in June)

Do you guys think id be ready for a show by june? (obviously do need to cut around 15-16% bf) anyways ,opinions on my physique so far? been lifting consistently for about a year and a half. stats -

  • 16 y/o
  • 188-190lbs
  • 6’1
    anyways , why i ask is because i really would like to focus primarily on my size , especially in places like my delts , upper chest , and arms.
    let me know!


here is a back pic

A lot can be done in 3 months’ time, if you’re not doing silly things. If you’re lucky, you might even make some gains while dieting down, but that’s more the result of smart programming and not starving yourself beyond the point of intelligent weekly progress.

Would I recommend competing at this point? That’s an individual thing. Some people (most?) would tell you to focus on adding more size now, not getting fat per say, but just keeping your primary goal in focus and give yourself more time to build. Others will say to get onstage if it’s what you really want to do, but keep things in perspective, as you never know who else will enter the same show, and usually the guys who get up there have a lot more time under the bar than you currently do.

My first contest was one of the coolest and scariest things I ever did. I still remember dropping the application into the mailbox and walking back to my apartment thinking that I can’t back out now -lol


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do you think i have a decent amount of size added already? i started counting macros about 3 months ago , and just knowing what i was eating and how much has helped tremendously , but could it be possible? i would love to hop on stage and try it out , as i have wanted to do one since i started lifting (which was actually sort of why i started , it just fascinated me) . I am very easily able to diet down , as i love cardio, but let me know! i know you are highly respected on these forums, and i am looking forward to hearing your answer sir!

Yes and no. For a 16 year old you’re doing great! But I’m not sure about doing a show…yet.

@The_Mighty_Stu is much smarter than I when it comes to these things. I’ve never done a show and never will. But I have been training with a physique focus for as long as you’ve been alive (whether or not I’ve succeeded is a different discussion…). I would hate to see someone with your potential shoot themselves in the foot with crazy dieting for a show. As someone who is ignorant on the topic it seems like it could do more harm than good for your long term development.

You’re either in the early stages or you’re about to enter your lifting prime in terms of hormones. If you’re doing the right things then you can possibly grow like someone on steroids all because of the natural testosterone flying around inside your body. I’m not saying you’re going to blow up to 220 lbs at 8% BF but you could add 20 lbs in a year of training. And maybe you could follow that up with another 10 the following year. Will you do that if you’re dieting for a show at age 16?

This is all coming from a guy who has a bit of regret regarding his training. I think I shot myself in the foot in my 20’s when I could’ve made a lot of progress towards my goals. Now I’m 33 with way more life responsibilities and an aging body. If I’d been a little smarter 10 years ago then perhaps I’d be in a maintenance phase now instead of scratching and clawing for ounces of progress.

Again, I have no experience with dieting down to stage levels of body fat. I do have observational experience though. And I find it suspicious that the best wrestlers in high school who were always cutting weight seem to be smaller adults than the rest of us. And I don’t mean that just in terms of muscle and fat. Their bone structure is smaller and they’re shorter. Maybe that was their fate and they found their way into wrestling because of their stature but I’m not convinced. I watched them cut weight from their childhood to adulthood and I think it stunted their growth.

Good luck!