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Opinions on My Overall 7 Years F'd Up TRT Situation

Presentation : Hi everyone i’m a 30 years old guy from canada quebec. i have 14 years of consistent training i’m 5f8 220 pounds around 15% bf now. i did 5 shows in the past but no longer compete, i eat clean and cheat once every 5 days not in caloric deficit but i eat till im full, ive been on TRT (prescribed) for close to 2 years now i am prescribed 300mg delatestryl (testosterone enanthate) per week. before that i was doing it myself for close to 5 years. i have a long history of drug use in bodybuilding and competing. Doc tested me for low energy i was LOW ON TRT. so i was basicaly getting scammed with junk test… doc gave me 200mg a week for a testrun i came back 4 weeks later labs were stellar said i was over responding and over then norm in everything… but i said i had no libido still ( wich wasen’t true just wanted a higher dose and got it typical stupid bodybuilding mentality)

SO i’ve been on that since 1 year ever since. 6 months ago i started really realising i was starting to be a fucked up person always pissed hating everyone and everything never happy and insensible to gf emotions also sleeping like complete garbage. i lowered my dose to 280 then 270 felt a whole lot better then i started spliting my dose in half and injecting monday and thursday it ALSO made me feel better… libido has always been great tho but my temper is horrible its just sleep and motivation that is crap. and also i can cry in a pinch if i look at some emotional videos but i could kill the neighbours cat and eat it and feel nothing about it im just fucking insane double edged. i started thinking it might be estrogen and also the confinement makes it worse because you cant exercise… so i started taking aromasin a pill of 25mg split in 4 equals to like 6mg per injection and sleep and temper got better.

i’m thinking: would gradually reach a dosage of around 200mg per week be a good goal ? because every time i drop down to 250 too fast i feel weak and loose motivation and i’m scared to go down but i think it is caused by going estrogen dominant i have ran all that without anti estrogen for YEARS ! my guess is i’m filled with estrogen . and also would it be possible to be a person that need as high as 250 ? what are you personal opinions ? don’t sugar coat it i can take it. i’m aware that 300 is NOT trt ! and also going that high without an ai is quite stupid. i don’t care about the gym anymore i just want to feel great. and i know a lot of you guys know a lot more than i do evrytime i pin the day after i feel agresive pissed off and impatient… its always the day before my next pin that i feel amazing when my dosage has dissipated a lil bit. my guess is im taking way too much and i need a consistent ai. thanks for the advice i haven’t asked any advice in 7 years i’m sure i’m wrong in a lot of places i dont want to go back to doc because hes going to lower my dose but i cant anyway because we are in confinement and also i’m french i know my writing is really garbage i’m sorry lol

First off your writing is not garbage so stop that talk. Second off when was the last time you ran a lower consistent dose for 8-12 weeks? Like 200mg for 3 months without an AI. Anytime you change anything it takes a while for your body to adjust, along with estrogens. I don’t know anything about AIs in regard to steroid cycles but most here don’t require them for their TRT. Do you have any blood work you can share? Have you had your thyroid panels done? Do you snore? If you have sleep apnea it would explain most of this. Lack of sleep fucks with EVERYTHING.

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thanks for the reply man last time i ran 200mg probably never… only 1 year ago for 4 weeks before i went back to 300 and before that i was on 500 but thats not trt lol yes i do snore me n my gf dont sleep together for that but its because she snores too i never ever slept with any of my gilfriends i always have a separate bed i hate sleeping with poeple. sleeping is for recovery. im way fatter than i sould right now you may be right on the sleep apnea but i never gasp for air so i kind of dismissed that when i taught it was that my labs after 200mg for 4 weeks were

total test 24,4 nmol/l
SHBG 23,1 nmol/l
calculated free test 534 Pmol/l
calculated bioavailable 13,4 nmol/l


t4 14,4 pmol/L
tsh 3,617 mu/l
free t3 7,2 pmol/l

he didint even test estrogen i dont know in merdical terms but thats kind if dumb i think

I think so.

Yes, but that’s fairly rare.

Say it ain’t so.

That is telling.

So lets sum this up.

  • you snore and get shitty sleep (probably apnea)
  • your T response is low (assuming you mean you take 200mg a week with a TT of 704 ng/dl)
  • your thyroid isn’t working properly (what are the ranges for the T4 test?)

PS - when you gasp for air you don’t necessarily wake up. You may need a sleep study.

Drop to 200mg split into EOD this should stop the mood swings.

ive uploaded the full report on my thyroid and test so you can check what you are looking for, so you’re saying that my report after my 200mg is saying that im not responding well ? doc said it was a top notch report he bay me wrong then ? wow

its been 2 weeks now that ive dropped from 280 to 250 and i feel very anxious is it normal ? what causes this ? its prety hard to bare thanks for the reply man !

thanks for you reply and the suport on what i taught was the problem im hapy to see my analysis hasent been all that wrong. im having a hard time understanding what it means when you said say it aint so im not english. i still train hard but i just dont really care about pushing my limits because i know it will take a truckload of drugs my workouts nowaday i can do a 365 bench 455 squat and 545 dl everytime i want not too bad compared to my old maxes maybe if it goes wayy down il start being concerned.

You mentioned you do not care to go to the gym anymore.

My comment means, “please tell me that is not really true.” As someone who has lifted most of my life, I think it is important and would want you to continue.

I know it is all relative,I’m no where close to my old lifts, but at your age and size those are still decent lifts.

Are you on thyroid medication? Your T3 is definitely high enough to cause your anxiety. If you’re not on medication, get it checked again, if your FT3 is still high you should get screened for Graves’ disease.

these results are 2 years old when i got the prescription i have zero anxiety in normal cases i only got it since i took down my test 50mg lower probably too quick other than that im a happy camper if get into some good physical exercises at least once a day otherwise i get anxious but i think this is prety normal for any human to feel anxious if you dont do shit for 2 days straight imo

oh sory my mistake i mean breaking records and competing dont interest me anymore but i still go to the gym or train at home 4 5 days a week as hard as i can and will always do so i need it for my mental otherwise i go crazy and i dont feel weel at all if i for example do some roofing or mining i wont train tho i feel fine i just need some good physical exercisse on a daily basis 2 days without doing shit and i loose my mind sitting is a disease

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As others have said you need to break up your shots because you’re aromatizing too much. You feel good at trough because you’re at the end of your hormonal swing, then you next shot shoots it up again and the cycle repeats.

Your body doesn’t like big swings, the smaller shots will decrease the hormonal swings.

You need new labs. You need a new thyroid panel.

I would get full labs again.
Like CBC. Metabolic panel etc

very hard in quarantaine il do it sooon i hope

im already at 2 shots a week il do more next time il try 4