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Opinions on My Next Cycle


any feedback/intelligent opinions/advice on my next cycle??
BD tri-tren 150mgs E3D weeks 1-8
sustanon 250mgs E3D weeks 4-8
winni tabs 50mgs ED weeks 6-12

any need for PCT? Any other supplement suggestions, diet suggestion, etc?


make sure you know your source tri-tren has been known to contain some form of tren and test instead. and will need to be shot more frequently, alas i have no personal experience with it so ya. sust will be need to be shot more frequently as well...and WTF is this statement...any need for PCT? nevermind i retract all my previous info....go find a fast moving vehicle and jump in front of it take car



take it easy, never said i was an expert!!!! just asking for advice, trying to learn more through others expeiriences. i've done cycles before but never anything this strong. mostly just winni, primo, and eq. how am i supposed to know if i dont ask??? or should i just be a real moron and screw myself up without proper knowledge!!!!!!!!!


or read the stickies do your own research and come back when you have a better grasp on what your going to do


why sust? and why only for 4 weeks? read all the stickies again.

i used it in 2 cycles its a mixed ester test and judging the pct can be a little harder just so you no.

if you still wanna use it the ill tell you the pct i used that worked well for me.

use dbol or prop for 4 weeks to 'bridge' between the last sust shot and the PCT..after that just start a standard SERM PCT.


Check your attitude or leave.


thanks kerley, i appreciate YOUR opinion and you sharing your experience with me! i will def take YOUR advice into consideration.


Cut the melodramatic passive-aggressive nonsense. Act like an adult, you're embarassing yourself.


Your cycle is very poor.

Tren used alone will end up being quite uncomfortable as a very potent androgen with very low estrogen levels, the libido will suffer - along with other psychological issues.
Therefore Test should be a base of a cycle - not Tren.

Tri-Tren from BD is likely to not be very good - that comnpany went belly up a year or two ago now - and ever since the quality has been sub-par, let alone the assays carried out on the bust of the company showing that what Game_Over told you to be true..

I would run the test and tren (both injected daily to make use of prop and ace esters respectively) for 8 weeks alongside each other.. with 300-350mg of tren and 500-700mg test/wk.

I would add the winstrol for 6 weeks starting at week 3 and finishing 2 weeks after the last tren/sust shot.
PCT could continue (yes, very necessary as you will be totally suppressed) immediately thereafter.

And the melodrama IS a little ghey.