Opinions On My New Workout

I’ve decided to back off somewhat on BW and try weights.

5 days/week:

(1) warm up 15 min on bike

(2) Trisets – Bench, Crunch, Row for
25 minutes, no rest

 or     -- Squat, Chins, Leg Curl
 25 minutes, no rest

(3) run for 20 minutes, alternating sprints one day with paced other day.

I am about 276, 6’7", bf about 21%. 4th Dan TKD, 52 years young. I want to get BF down to 12% or so, for next tournament season.

6’7 Jesus christ. Tall fucker.

How heavy are you going?

Since I have to fight continuously for 6 minutes (2 min rds, 30 secs rest actually), I don’t place emphasis on weight. I also may have to fight more than once, though in the old guy group, its getting harder to find people to fight. One reason I’m doing the workout I described is that I’m thinking of fighting the younger guys (35 yrs to 42).

Anyway, I started by using 45 lbs dumbbells for the bench and row portion, 20 reps. I did the empty bar for the squats (try the triset for 25 minutes w/o rest and you’ll see an empty bar was plenty!). Once every couple of weeks, I’ll take a rest, then go heavy. My max bench is only 315 x 2, probably because of the amount of aerobic in martial art.