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Opinions on my Gear Being Bunk

Hey guys im looking for some feedback on my gear
Im 25, 186lbs, 5’9, 14%bf lifting for 5yrs

I started my first cycle 3 weeks ago. Im taking Test E only. I front loaded 1000mg wk 1 splitting doses mon/thur. Rest of the cycle is 500mg/wk split mon/thur. I got blood work before I started so I have a baseline to judge off of. I know takes up to 6wks to notice a change but how long should it take to see a change in total t levels. My total t before I started was 467. Im 3 wks into the cycle and got another blood test done and my total t level came in at 396. Second test was drawn 48 hrs after a 250mg injection. Im under the impression that even tho my levels haven’t peaked yet my panel should show a elevated test level… not lower. Did I not wait long enough for the second round of BW or could my test be bunk?

I also did the freeze test even tho I know its not that accurate. After 30mins in the freezer there was no crystals or separation of any kind or cloudiness

It would be good to know your shbg.

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Sorry to say this but it shouldn’t happen unless you have some underlying medical problem. If you are taking test, your test goes up.
Take a look at estrogen and test ratios - they should change fairly rapidly when you start a cycle.
Are you taking an antiestrogen? This could alter lab results but it’s a long shot (I have seen it though).
My guess is bunk (you can always test it - google steroid verification testing - prob about $100).
If I don’t get back to you quickly enough here, don’t hesitate to check in at the shadow-pro feed.


That is super bunk.

The study that did this did a single injection and tested the blood 1 week later…

250mg of test a week- T level should be 1100-1600ng/dl

Stolen from another forum but if you google you can find it.

With the amount of test you are injecting your results should just come back “high” which depending on the lab (my old lab this was over 5000) and my new lab over 10000.

It’s simple chemistry you can’t be taking 1000 mg of testosterone a week and have your testosterone level that low. If I had to guess you’ve been injecting yourself with pure safflower oil

From what I was told by a doctor after an injection of testosterone your blood levels will show it before the day is out. Reaches its half-life in eight days so the levels peak sometime between day one and day 8. My guess about 2 1/2 days

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Your levels will peak around day 2 or 3 and start to decline after that.

100% certain to be bunk. sorry to say that.

curious about your sourcing. not asking anything specific here, but was this like a ‘bought from a dude at the gym’ sort of thing, or did you order online? or something else? Test is such a cheap product to manufacture, you rarely hear about it being completely fake. Underdosed, maybe, but even that’s unusual. Most is going to be dosed within at least 20% of the advertised mg/ml.

are you in the US?

Yeah im taking adex .25mg eod. Im in the us i bought of a source that ive heard good reviews on but not personally from people i know so who knows what i got.

I feel like my e has crashed. I ordered the wrong test my second time and didnt get the full pannel so im not speaking from facts but ive lost sex drive, body aches, feel like shit. Is it safe to say if the test is bad there isnt any aromatising going on so taking adex is crashing my normal e?


Poor E2 didn’t have a chance An AI with normal to low testosterone levels. Your E2 would not have been very high to start with. Now it would be as crashed as crashed can get

I’m sorry I can’t base things on how you feel.
I recommend getting correct blood labs.
It can be that but can be other things as well - get informed and let’s go from there.